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What in Hell is Bad?

What in Hell is Bad?

What in Hell is Bad?



LOL this game is "special"

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They should have left it a female only game cause they switch horribly between pronouns throughout the story very annoying but oh well women will always suffer. what else is new. ANYWAY very glitchy atm but some tips. ACCOUNT LINKING!!!!! You can only have one version of the app on your phone switching from the appstore download to the website download will not allow you tobswitch over files. they do not sync over. So far the only link you can make to account is the devs website. highly reccommended to make account and download from the website for better sexy art in the future. you can link a guest account after guest login when you download for website Drop rates are super low with L Rank (you need this for the special feature) being at .10% The demon you get in the quiz will be given to you for free so retake that quiz till you get someone you wanna touch. The longer you play with your L rank the higher the ero meter goes up each session so hehehe take your time enjoy his moans. Your gonna get alot of B rank until they adjust the drop rates for A+ ranks. They are still good so far (chap 1) ive barely upgraded the b and A ranks i have and we are clearing quests easily with my L ranks being lv11.



LOVE this game! You're able to choose the gender of your MC, male or female. However, the game was made with female MCs in mind so the text will sometimes refer to the MC as female when you're a male. This is just a small mistake, so it didn't really affect the gameplay. The graphics are beautiful and make the characters look so pretty! The ' selfie ' legendary devils are top-notch! Even the normal sprites are just amazing. The main storyline is voice acted and fits the characters very nicely. Sub storylines are not voice acted though, and minor characters do not have VAs. Gameplay is simple and effective, though sometimes the battle is hard to beat without higher level characters. Easy to learn and adapt to! There are definitely spicy scenes that make your heart race and kick your feet. Overall, I love it!

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