Lovebrush Chronicles | Simplified Chinese

Lovebrush Chronicles | Simplified Chinese

Lovebrush Chronicles | Simplified Chinese

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catherine felicia


its beautiful boys world [開心] i need it in English [憋屈]

Korokoro Herya


only one word to describe this game. aesthetic. everything so beautiful. even for N and R card the art really beautiful. first of all i do really appreciate that they made the game account not just for chinese number or chinese social media platform like other chinese game that require wechat or QQ which is kinds difficult to get for player outside china. for the gameplay wise, i thought it is kinda fun there are some mode game from csrd fighting to build town. the battle kinda easy and you can auto battle. for gacha rate i think it is kinda normal nowdays with ssr 2%. fot story i do really love it although i have 0 knowledge about chinese language, i use google translator to help me read it. the ui design really-really beautiful, this game really well made. hope netease would translete this game for global or atleast JP ver.

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