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Shoujo City 3D



I hope all the places was unlocked :3//

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Shoujo City 3D is in-development, and it certainly shows. For one, every character model is the same, so you'll be seeing samey girls all over. While it's nice to have a fully 3D environment in a mobile game, the controls are hard to ignore, especially the picky camera. There's almost no sound at all besides your footsteps and eating. There's lots of empty space, and having to run all the way back to the subway in the city in order to go back home is a pain, but it IS a simulator game. Which explains why your characters. Eat. So. Slow. There's two additional areas, but they're locked off by a paywall of $7.99 for full access to the game's content. There's plenty of outfits to buy, and the weather and time of day are pretty natural. You can "go on a date" with your GF, but it's pretty much a very long quiz of really random stuff sorta based off your GFs personality. There's also VR water gun fights, cooking, and hide-and-seek apparently. It definitely needs more time in development.



I really like the graphics and I guess the main focus because it seems like a challenge ( I never played the original version but some said it was challenging). I hope that in the future you'll be able to customize a guy and date guys as well so that there can be more variety based on what the player likes(I don't have a problem with it, just more options would be nice and male it more interesting). I also think there should be a graphics option for some that may have the game slow down due to graphics. I also hope that more customization items are available (I'm not sure of how much is available yet or if availability changes based on having premium). I hope that those things will be taken into consideration. This game is already very good too especially to be a new game. I will continue to play and stay updated.

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