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Atelier Resleriana | Japanese

Atelier Resleriana | Japanese

Atelier Resleriana | Japanese

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Lee Yon


Stunning 9/10 Really The most beautiful mobile game I've ever played Literally every scenes were animated beautifully 1month into the game The dev does listen to players and making even more friendlier adjustments Including pity system with one single type long term gacha credit to exchange any characters u want Combat design+atelier contents super fun and deep Generous events and have very very good sense of making mobile game like pacing or resources rewards supporting players to move along with the latest main quest With more challenging new event without actually affect getting all rewards even if u can't beat the quest The challenges also not just combat power gate It's designed in a way u needed to do equipments specific for the event so everyone is putting effort to challenge it Similar combat idea to Heaven Burn Red With position of Attacker Breaker Defender Supporter Combined with Atelier items and equipment to play It has another queueline for ult and buffs Make play with different speed skills Time it for specific turn to get buffed/debuff/ULT Gacha for characters+memorial mix pool 4% chara and 2% memorial rate with 150pity (only need about 130pulls) U can grind any characters LB shards daily UI shortcut already well designed but could use some improvement to access storage for items also to collect the pie twice a day Overall it's consider very f2p friendly and it's getting better!



At first I was put off by the fact that Atelier is getting a gacha game and was expecting a boring and money-hungry experience like most other gachas I've tried but as I experienced the game, my trust and faith in Gust returned to me as I think this game is very fun and a great Atelier to have on-the-go. It met all my expectations and went above and beyond with the absolutely beautiful visuals and music. There's a cute and pretty animation with character(s) or with the menu design in every possible instance no matter what you're doing or what menu you're on this game gives you a visual feast. I have not heard of anyone having to or I myself have not had to spend money to do anything so far. I have been using an on-screen translator and my limited Japanese and from my understanding, the story has been interesting and I am enjoying the characters and their personalities. Seeing characters from older games in the series look THIS good has also been wonderful. My main dislike besides that it's a gacha game is that due to it being a mobile game, it has definitely simplified some features of Atelier. Not something I hate but definitely a con for me as the series already had basic gameplay that didn't need to be simplified even more. I look forward to seeing what the future brings for this game and what the future for Atelier as a whole holds.

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