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The Woman that Got Hated

The Woman that Got Hated

The Woman that Got Hated



Let me be honest here.
I personally think I will play this game till the end since it's kinda fun...(If there's no ADS!!!)

Seriously ads ruin it all, it ruin everything.

Still, let me review what the game is about.

The game is about what the girl in particular case think about and you as the player will point out why they think like that.

Let me spoil one case (at first stage xD)
The girl first will think about her angry boss (You can point at the beer, which means his anger is because of beer and he commited power harassment which the girl dislike.
she will also think of how she can't drink beer, how her boss sexually harass her, her inability to eat much and her co worker who only look from behind but didn't come to help her.

In this game, all you pointed at is the reason for their depression. All the girls screams WHY in their head. all of them are bullied, but all of them can only say it inside their own mind.

Three times clicking answer right or wrong will summon the damnable lord Video Ads though. make me feel unhappy...*cough*

The case I have gone for so far is. (The order is wrong since I can't remember)
1. Newbie got troubled in drinking party
2. Sick nurse who still need to work even when she is sick.
3. Student who got bullied in class.
4. Teacher who got bullied by both student and fellow teacher.
5. Housewife who tasked to clean because lack of money, and unable to protect her son.
6. Housewife who got ignored by her family.
7. Student who got bullied by her classmate on her way home.
8. Cashier who got error computer and irritated customer, yet other cashier only talk and didn't work.
9. elementary student who got bullied because she look ugly like a monkey.
10. a child who got bullied by her sister in law
11. A newbie who didn't have time to eat because her co worker push their job to her.
12. A part time worker who got bullied by schoolmates. Asking her to pay for their meal and also broke their plate to trouble her.
13. A worker who didn't get any gift when the others get a gift.

I don't know how many more scenarios they have, but I don't care anymore! Stupid ADS!!

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sander589 P.K. (POKI)


es un juego tematica de buscar pistas pero lo unico inconbeniente seria que tiene mucha publicidad

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