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Star Healer

Star Healer

Star Healer



the game is alright but it gets boring when you play but the art style and the characters look cool i will say this game is when you will play when you get bored or smh :/

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This game has a big potential to be a great game in the near future. btw, my luck in gacha is still the same[難過]

Reaver Red


not only is the graphics really interesting, detailed and colourful, the music is really high quality and fun. gameplay (like all gacha games) is very easy to begin and there isn't a lot of action games that attract my attention like this one, the storyline is simple yet acts as the vehicle for the fun! it's not a neccessary detail but it does the job. the arena combat style feels stylishly done as you can move by holding any point on the screen.

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