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CODE:D-Blood | Japanese

CODE:D-Blood | Japanese

CODE:D-Blood | Japanese

Kang hyo suk


그래픽 말고는 볼게 없었음.
스토리가 특히 구림. 아니 쌍팔년도 스토리야? 보다가 너무 구려서 소름 돋았다고;; 캐릭터 성도 진짜 딱 그 시대 캐릭터 같았음. 진짜 그래픽 아끼움.
남/녀/소녀 로 이뤄진 캐릭터 설정도 웃겼지만 옷 디자인도 구렸음. 예쁘지가 않아서 돈쓰고 싶은 생각도 안들었다고;;

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the storyline is kinda debateable, too much bishounen it's as if the game are only made for girls/womans, the graphic is overwhelming, theres also tons of feature in the game.. well not much actually, you can still feels the F2P and P2W difference. overall its good, i download this version to run from reality, the storyline are really painful to see [不滿][大哭]




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