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Blade 2 | Korean

Blade 2 | Korean

Blade 2 | Korean

yoko yokome


best game i played for afews yrs. it suck that it ended. i mran they could have aided new characters and extended yhe story. but for ehat its worth. im grateful and appreciated.

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Gabriella Jaquryn Evelyn


THIS IS THE BEST FAN SERVICE RPG!!! what is fan service? fan service is a game genre that provides a Over sexualized women.. tits, hips, thights, waist, etc.. all exposed and pleasing to see. to anyone who wants to join Community about Blade 2 korean info and guide with english translate on screen explanation, Please Join these group https://www.facebook.com/groups/281501589856807/?ref=share the story is immensely beautiful... voice over was intense, gacha isn't at the bad rate.. at once, they've tried to CBT the game in english language before release global.. but with internal discussion they decided to release blade 2 on NINTENDO Switch..

Didit Saputra


please fix the sound.. the sound often disappears when he is playing, i don't know this bug or not.. im using asus zenfone max pro m1

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