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This game looks really cute! If you like Picross and Lego at the same time... This is your game! Build your city with summoned Pipo and have a nice time taking a walk. After you build you can paint road, water and other tiles. The game has some similarities with Cookie Run Kingdom. So, if you also like this previous title, you will love it too! Hire Pipo to work on some buildings, such as the Hot Dog stand. The way you expand land and get items is also similar to that title but... without battles at all! Buying blueprints is easy, and you might get some in a short time. Please, enjoy!

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Wooo, everything is so beautiful to be honest. I played the game because of the collaboration with Cookie Run Kingdom for a very, very nice and satisfying rewards and I'm done with it. I'm quite satisfied playing the game. It makes me in reality feels like everything can be made in Brix but with OCD like me it's kinda anxiety inducing at some parts. PS: Only people like me will understand that part. Haha. I wish they could make some of those better for the future players. It takes me a week to finish the event for collaboration, the first week is awesome but the second week login reward for the 14th day is quite disappointing tbh. Well, as for overall ~ If you love pixels and love making them -- you'll love this for sure. It's like MC's with a mix of Social Media ~ I wish you guys luck playing the game, enjoy yourselves ~ and have fun.



An adorable build and manage game, basically think of SimCity without the needs of anything, just building a city for cute boxy people

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