Nijiatsume ~Pyon Pyon Survival~

Nijiatsume ~Pyon Pyon Survival~

Nijiatsume ~Pyon Pyon Survival~



the idea quite awesome but the execution kinda lame.
first, there is no unique sound effect from each nijisanji member (like when hit an obstacle, killing the zombie, first time getting it, on main screen, when died and level up)
second, this game giving like those crappy game vibe.
third, each character skill in parameter really mismatch (already got them all member for writing thIs review).
fourth, there is no graphics option.

so this is my personal experience after playing the game if I must give score 2/10.

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Hannah Collantes


i can't believe that there is actually a game I'm so happy because my oshis is here



This is just flappy bird but with Nijisanji members,[哇噻] it's a pretty cute game and you can also play it when you have no internet connection

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