DanMachi Battle Chronicle | Global

DanMachi Battle Chronicle | Global

DanMachi Battle Chronicle | Global



I'm quite surprised that the JP server, as well as this global server have english language. Still I moved to the global server for possible decision to purchase something.

A rather boring thing is that you have to complete the whole first chapter before unlocking gacha. The infinite reroll gacha gives a UR adventurer, plus a chance of another drop of UR adventurer/support/card. After that, you'll get free 15 gacha tickets and generously ~6k gems.

The combat system is okay-ish, but the mobile control is horrible for me. No camera lock-on and the accidental dash is annoying, probably because of the swipe gesture. Playing on the PC port could give better action combat experience. The controller support is great tho.

(will possibly update once I make enough progress.)

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Yuri Hyuga


They did it, what I wish every gacha game would do. They have infinite reroll tutorial gacha attempts, but not the BS kind where it caps out at 1 UR, no, actual rerolls. I was so happy that I busted a fat nut so intense I nearly feinted and kept doing so afterwards; as if I was in some sort of perpetual nut busting time loop I could not escape from. I got bored though playing the game for a few minutes because of how easy it was, that saved me from my tourment of time loop nut busting.

Shiro Mirai


the graphics and sound are good but the gameplay it self is kinda crappy for action game there massive straggle rate to adjust your self cant switch while atking cant move while atking have cooldown in dodge gacha it self is good whats good? begginer only cause that way you can reroll endlessly till you get what you need and plz do note dont bother trying to awakening a char you need 10 copy of it same with ur ps.if you gonna focus on auto it better get defender character ur so that your char wont die while letting it auto

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