DanMachi Battle Chronicle | 日版

DanMachi Battle Chronicle | 日版

DanMachi Battle Chronicle | 日版



It's PvP & official available on PC
Honestly not too bad
Fanservice 3d model with 360 free camera view
Running around and fighting with characters u like

PC experience is great turning camera with mouse
Could've been really good and skill based game
But they make it CP power gate and P2W

They don't really care and will not balance or change

There was a grindable pvp TDM gather points
It should've capped all players with same stats
Since they've made Arena PvP all auto P2W already
It's all about numbers. shame.

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Fredy L


while Chinese, korea and the rest of the world upgrading and race who make the best action game with fluid movement, great combo and perfectly timed dodge/i-frame. at this rate I'm convinced, 98% Japanese game devs (let's left out SE&bandai) race to make the cheapest game. ok let's keep it short, this is clearly a psp game titles "Valhalla knight" with upscale graphics to 720p and smaller dungeon. ah btw you can get 4 UR in tutorial gacha.

MX Ace


games good graphics are top notch I only issue is the pull system and the battle pass I feel like there's a trying to get too much for your buck

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