DanMachi Battle Chronicle | 日版

DanMachi Battle Chronicle | 日版

DanMachi Battle Chronicle | 日版



El juego se ve bien,se juega bien y esta bien a nivel gráfico ...terminar el tutorial es casi suerte,es difícil hacer reroll sin que se buguee...buen juego pero debieron tomarse mas tiempo para corregir los errores.

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Fredy L


while Chinese, korea and the rest of the world upgrading and race who make the best action game with fluid movement, great combo and perfectly timed dodge/i-frame. at this rate I'm convinced, 98% Japanese game devs (let's left out SE&bandai) race to make the cheapest game. ok let's keep it short, this is clearly a psp game titles "Valhalla knight" with upscale graphics to 720p and smaller dungeon. ah btw you can get 4 UR in tutorial gacha.

MX Ace


games good graphics are top notch I only issue is the pull system and the battle pass I feel like there's a trying to get too much for your buck

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