Project Tokyo Dolls | Traditional Chinese

Project Tokyo Dolls | Traditional Chinese


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jp did better job you get 11 free cards free at start 150 mb let you reroll how many times as you want get UR best get 2 UR with SSR + give you 11 pull ticket pull again in full game 2,000 something gems this one no free 11 pulls start, no 11 pull ticket, let you start 3,000 something gems 2 ssr ticket some other things [汗顏]



Eng/中文 As an experienced Japanese version player, I want to say that this game is very difficult for beginners. But it gets better once you get to read the main story and know the girls. Also it is okay if you don't get a good UR because SSR's are almost as good as them in this game. Please understand that this game takes time to build and it will be worth it. 作为一位日版老玩家,我想说的是这游戏对新手来说很困难。不过看完主线故事和了解人偶后会觉得更好。在这游戏里抽不到UR其实没关系,很多SSR会跟UR差不多。请理解这游戏需要很多时间积累起来的,会是值得的。 Above is only my opinion, does not represent anyone else. 以上是我的看法,并不代表其他玩家的看法。

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