The Court Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom (Trial)

The Court Blacksmith of the Sand Kingdom (Trial)

RPG 砂の国の宮廷鍛冶屋 Trial

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Queenie Beatrice


This game is a successor to both Rideon's Bar/Tavern games *and* their Mercenary Saga games. It mixes up the explore-and-craft style of the former with the party/class/formation of the latter. It's actually really neat and the gameplay has been really fun. The issue with missing text and missing menus has been fixed; the game is now forced into Japanese instead of a half-baked English translation. Definitely missed a LOT of stuff thanks to the missing menus, so now I can actually craft all these items I couldnt get before! For what it's worth, I managed to sink 6 hours into the demo (just reached Shop lv3, which based on other reviews is the end of the demo), even when I was missing 2 crafting menus and half the game's text was missing. I'm not gonna buy the game until the English version is out, but when it does, I'm instantly buying it. (Disclaimer: My rating of storyline is N/A because I can't read Japanese outside of katakana, but FWIW the gameplay can carry the game even if the plot is basic as hell.)

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