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people keep comparing this game to angry bird, but as weird as it sound, this game is more similar to arknight, you don't simply launch your girl and just let it on the field to be forgotten, most stage has different gimmick and mechanic which forces you to change your tactics on how you deploy your girls, and there is also turn limit which make things more challenging.

the game is also generous enough to the point where you can consistently farm gacha ticket daily and there is also gems farming content similar to annihilation mode in arknight which reset weekly, the rates is 2,5℅ which is a lot higher than many recent gacha games who completely copied genshin gacha system with their sh*tty rates.

the overall tone and theme of the game is relaxing and the art is eye catching, the story is also fun and light hearted, if you're a long time kemono friends fans like me, I'm sure you will just ignore my review earlier and just play the game because its tanoshii! [微笑]

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Mario Hamilway


I know nothing about the anime or established title, but the game doesn't feel like I'm getting a washed down version of something. All in all it's been a good experience so far, game is gorgeous and runs well on my phone. The quality of the assets is high and everyone and the story are fully voiced. I haven't encountered any bug either, even playing since launch, except the occasional missing translation. I'm not usually a fan of Qooapp's account link model, but it wasn't an issue in this game. It's probably an issue if you want to reroll. The store has some good deals for low spenders. I have a few peeves even though the general picture is good. The story is cute but feels pointless. Though I'm not very far along the adventure so maybe I'll be surprised. But so far it's 2 or 3 chapters of "well let's go ask in this other kingdom if they know who you are" (yeah sorry, spoiler). I don't like the gacha model. You're encouraged to pull once everyday by daily mission and daily discount, but your're not really saving by doing this because it's depleting your resources for "the big banner", or the banner you actually care to pull. Same for the guaranteed 5 stars on your first 10 pulls on any banner; yeah it's good that it's guaranteed and I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it necessarily, but it does limit your hoarding. All of this looks generous on the surface, but it's really just trying to make you spend more. I'm liking the game because it seems to reward team composition and make it possible to stray from the meta, but as a casual I'm finding it hard and can barely do the easiest difficulty of the most recent raid. Powering up my characters isn't helping me much either, and is also limited by player level, which depends on energy/time/money spent. Of course I don't expect or want it to be so easy that I can just go through it with no effort. I don't like that the interface is all over the place. Main page is a mess with quest and rewards buttons spread all over, and you're made to look and click everywhere before you find what you're looking for. Also red dots all the time, some of which will never go away because you're not going to give them your phone number on top of your email. And the season pass page has loud annoying music. I like the feature that allows players to review characters in game, but nobody actually writes anything useful, and being multi-language most of it is not even English. It needs some moderation to work in this context.

Ren-Ai Gen-o-Cide


Short Review : it's basically Angry Birds combined with idle RPG battle. Opinion : I don't know yet, if this is officially licensed Kemono Friends IP or not, because it look like bootleg game lack of Japanese language option, but maybe just my imagination, but the Voice actor really good. I just hope this game didn't close it's server so quick, because of copyright or a quick cash grab.

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