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Starry Sea Tycoon

Starry Sea Tycoon

Starry Sea Tycoon

Major Sehven


This is a good game. I really like the tetris/columns type gameplay to serve the customers. I've only been playing for about an hour but I like it. I'll disable ads later on but right now its fine for the extra rewards. Pretty neat game.

Edit. After playing a lot more I noticed you can tap to get more gold 😂 its not necessary but you can. The game is so chill. I hit day two login and got new BGM it looks like every day you can get a new song and some days you get a profit boost.

When i first tried the game i had headphones on watching YouTube but later I actually listened to the game and the music is actually good in my opinion. I spent $3 to get the clouds on the water and I'll disable ads for sure in a few days and prob buy a few other things but right now it's enjoyable as is. Try it out! 😉

Update: I disabled the ads and the game is even better now. The columns/tetris mode is way more enjoyable now that I can refresh the shapes without ads. I used most of my gems to buff offline revenue time and offline revenue bonus. Really cool game.

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Mario Hamilway


The game is actually well made even though there wasn't a big investment on the assets. It is the kind of idle "business" game where you click to fill the time while you wait for the resources to accumulate. Admittedly I didn't play very long, but I stopped when I realized that I was just following the "!" that were telling me the new improvement that I (?) had unlocked.

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