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Emuje Senpie


i tried it because i truly love animals and i have always wanted to try to have a hedgehog as a pet (but sadly don't have it yet) so yeah this game is cute ! [厲害] if you really like pet like this or cute animals like this so you can try this game , tho it might not have anything much to do in this game but overall it's really cute to have it ! [賣萌]

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Short review: It's basically Neko Atsume (that cat collecting game and same Hit-Point Co.,Ltd. game) [哇噻] but with Hedgehogs with flowers [委屈] they're just there doing cute things AAA SO ADORABLE thank you for the Pinch options [哇噻] ——— Long review: The visual is just good and cute, the music's fine, everything's okay... I just think that the petals (either silver or gold), are both hard to get (the currency of the game), I don't know if it's just me or no as a F2P. [大哭] Even if you sell flowers that you harvested from the hedgehogs, the amount of silver petals you can receive are pretty stingy, although you can earn two gold petals for an ad, that might not be enough to buy your wanted items. [難過] The items and stuffs you can buy from the shop can be bought by either gold or silver petals but the silver amount ranges from 25s to 200+... It's not like I'm comparing it to Neko Atsume but I hope it can also have daily password, it's really helpful. Anything other than that, it's okay and CUTEEE [害羞], the visuals and the custom stuffs you can do to the hedgehogs, thank you for such a wonderful game! 🦔💐

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