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Idol Land PriPara



If people really like Pripara then they must have some kind of blindness for this moment. Everything has been copied from previous Pripara games. The main menu looks ugly and it doesn't look like an evolved Pripara title. The first Lala interaction looks like a browser game and it makes no sense the fast introduction to the game. Even worse, 3D models outline looks ugly too, without any possibility to change resolution. If you really want to enjoy Pripara then try Idol Time Pripara Yume All Star Live. Your best experience is there. This Idol Land looks like an emulator. If you are fine with this title, then go ahead... Lose your time here as you want. Cannot believe they delayed their launch for so long, just for this awful port.

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Shinonome Nano


This game is very great! The maintaince might be stopping us but the wait was worth it. It has nice aminations, storyline etc Overall this game is worth it, why not give it a try?



AS MUCH AS I LOVE PRIPARA , THIS GAME IS SUPER UNDERWHELMING COMPARED TO OTHER RHYTHM GAMES AND THE TIME WE WAITED FOR IT. waiting three years for this game is not worth. heres why: 1. the models of the game are likely direct copies from the 3ds/switch version, but it looks even worse. if your mychara is of a darker skintone, the cyalume change makes your skin look orange ?? how does this even happen. 2. MOST THINGS ARE LOCKED BEHIND A PAYWALL. i dont need to explain why this is bad,if you dont spend money you can only play 5 songs and the rest are paid. you can't get the outfits that the characters worn and you can't even take pictures in the studio without paying for the premium pass. 3. you have to wait to get in the game. because the server of this game is absolute trash, you have to wait in line to play the game , even if you can enter it , the game itself is so laggy and slow that the character models present in the plaza take literally ages to load. 4. the gameplay is not fun. if you dont spend money, you basically only do 1 thing when you play this game: play the promise live or photoshoot mode. you do this over and over again until you buy the few free clothing in the shop. there's nothing to do besides playing the same 5 songs over and over again. even if you spend money, the gameplay doesn't get more fun, you just have more songs to play and clothes to wear, the cycle is the same. 5. gacha. this game has a gacha system. but it's only for players who pay money. you get 4 gacha tickets from the pre registration reward, after that its no more until you pay up. overall, not worth your time and phone storage. if you really want to play, play the 3ds or switch versions instead.

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