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Touch me! Gudetama 4

Touch me! Gudetama 4

Touch me! Gudetama 4

Emuje Senpie


kawaii kawaii~! gudetama ish olwes kawaii [色色] for the sake of events i install this game and try to play with it because gudetama is just so adorable ! [開心] much much favourable 🤩

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OH MY GOD, THIS IS ALMOST THE SAME AS THE GUDETAMA GAME THAT GOT REMOVED FROM THE PLAY STORE LAST DECEMBER!!! I had played it years ago and had started playing it again just before the shut down unfortunately. It adds match 3 elements but you still cook eggs, it has the same layout and feel with some changes. I was so sad when the other app shut down, now I'm extremely happy again! [色色][色色][色色]



It's fun and cute playing the game. And it makes me relax without woring about the world. It's good game.

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