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Good graphics, good storyline, pretty much good overall. Except for the expensive skins and other items.

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春 ヒカル


I Want play with gore mode. survival horror. And please fix high ping, lags, bugs. its so annoying in the game.

Awa Zuki


If you are new in this game i will explain here: Basically Idv is like dead by daylight but dolls. If you think they copied the game no. Actually Dbd creator's helped them work on this game. If you think this is horror game. Nope it used to be horror game but since china server is strict they had to remove some horror elements. The maintenance always happen on thursday so better save some storage if you wanna play. If you said about having red ping its because u have to select the server correctly. The sounds is really good. The chasing music and room music's sounds calm. i recommended you to play with earphones/headphones because ahem you can hear some of moaning in this game. Gacha system. i can say their gacha guarantee is kind of fair maybe. 60 pulls for SSR skin which is already a pity because sometimes its hard to get a skin depends on your luck. UR skin guarantee are 250 pulls if u want to sacrifice your money go ahead and stop complaining like others. This game has lot of skins which is beautiful in their showcase. U can also buy it in shop. Gameplay is totally survivor sided in my opinion. Remember camping is a strategy for hunter to secure a win. Lot of hunter got nerf because the survivor said they're op. Every season there would be new hunter and survivor. There's lot of hunter which is fun to play. Don't ask about the story its been 2 years and they just completed 1 character diary. But they will add new story soon. i've been playing since season 7 and thats my experience. The fandom is idk 50% horrible/toxic 50% good. But tbh most of IDV fanart are so beautiful please check it out feel free to ask about the game.

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