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Fate Corridor

Fate Corridor

Fate Corridor

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A baboon with dyslexia would create a better game than this piece of garbage! Jesus,are all developers on drugs?! 🙄



I guess this game is made by a low-budget startup/indie dev team, as some evidences like: - Unity splash screen - AI-generated artworks & voiceovers, probably to cut costs instead of hiring real artists and anime voice actors. however it doesn't mean it's bad as it doesn't look broken. - Lack of storylines, again to reduce the scope and costs. anyway it's not really a vital part of such kind of game where the main focus is just the player account & character progressions. Like many AFK arena clones, there are no much UI animation delays and short battle scenes, however something inconvenient is no auto craft feature, which means you have to craft from raw & intermediate materials required to craft final materials. Still a decent game to kill your time, but no interesting limited-time stuffs that's tempting enough to spend your money on, especially if you care on your wallet.

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