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Senki Strike | Japanese

Senki Strike | Japanese

Senki Strike | Japanese

Zen Sanada


now i know why this game not popular even with a good graphic, skill n gameplay..

this game is heavily pay to win, i already reach pvp arena rank score 910, its a rank diamond 2.

my team is quite good all member of my main team are evolve to 3 star and they are 2 SSR 1 SR and you will often meet with all evolve to MAX STAR. to evolve you need collect the hero's piece from recruitment, and the number isn't small.

at this rank skill player doesnt matter if u face some one at MAX STAR DRIVER/HERO, they will just 1 SHOT me and i am dead even their level is lower, to get 1 shot is very easy just stretch your aim to the maximum, wind doesnt matter anymore.

if u are a pvp player, you need to be a whale 1st, your skill wont matter until you meet someone at your lvl of whale.

conclusion if you are hoping a battle of skill similiar like worm or gunbound, its didnt exist in high rank unless you are a whale that can compete with other whale.

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It's like worms but waaay better very nice game to pass your time

Shay Hennessy


i played the CN version which closed or ended service, i guess due to lack of income, the gameplay is similar to games like Worms and Gunbound, is not complicated at all, yep there's pay to win, but only if you wanna compete with whales, if that's not the case then you can just focus on the PvE, there's always missions and quests to do, along with finishing the main story, the things that this game lacks is marketing and probably to be known outside asia (this game looks good to end vanishing without being known), the most gorgeous aspects of the game are the music and the art which is one of the most impressive i have seen, but at the end it gets wasted with Chibi designs in the combat, but even with that, the characters still looks cute, when progressing, i would recommend to stick to a team of 5 characters max, so you don't end wasting resources in a character that could be useless, you also don't need to obtain all the URs, some SR rank can be much more useful or can survive much better/longer than an UR with high atk damage but low HP, something important to mention...find your technique in combat, don't just throw attacks like crazy, bring offensive and defensive, even with a full team of UR, they can easily be killed without supports or a tank, some low rank characters can be useful in such situations, also the energy is one of the most important resources in the game, make sure to spend it wisey because it is hard to obtain or some stages cost a lot of it, and a last recommendation for the devs, put an account binding system, many users already complained about lost progress( and money)

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