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The graphic is nice, but to get one ssr need 120 fragments, only then u can synthesize it into char.. The game got potential to be honest, but UNFORTUNATELY too damn grinding for only ONE ssr..
If the developer can make the drop rate of getting higher in getting 1 ssr for beginner would be great and doing some event like giveaway ssr or ur char after 7 days login or consecutive days also would be excellent ideas. .At least people can keep on login everyday waiting excitedly to get the giveway char..
Might also do separate the banner for char and the item for the char so that the chance of getting the fragments to be completed more quicker

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Honestly the graphic and art is quite good. and the gameplay, while it's nothing new, it kinda enjoyable. BUT, as any other review said. Fragment gacha for chara mixed with items. You need 120 pieces for 1 SSR and only get 7 each 10x pull. Even farming to upgrading a R grade chara is quite a chores. Also there is a VIP system too. Might as well just give a 1/5 rating since the premium aspect is making it a huge negative.

ZeroOne Miracle


I'm kinda engross in this game currently. Yes, many people complained about the gacha sells you fragments instead of the full characters themselves, but getting the characters are not the main point of the gacha. Okay, you need fragments to get a character, I agree it's not a good way to get a character because people want to get the character immediately, not part by part. But, the thing is, you can get the fragments not only from gacha. You can get them from Kizuna quest. Kizuna quest is like character quest for each character, and the good thing is, you have access to Kizuna quests for all the existing characters (so far, no characters are gacha limited). You can also get them from missions and login rewards, but only the unlock fragments. Each character have different fragments, which are the unlock fragment, which has the starting rarity of that character, and the evolution fragment, which has higher rarities than the unlock fragment. Ah, also, you only need 40 unlock fragments now to unlock character, which before was 120, but they soon changed it since users complained about it. Also, the gacha doesn't only give you character fragments but also some stuff you need to enhance your characters other than equipments. Everyday, you have a free roll to all the gacha. What I'm trying to say about the gacha is that, it only helps you enhance your characters faster. For me, getting the characters aren't the main focus for the gacha. So is the game. I'm going to talk about some parts of the game. Quest, you have four, but I'm gonna skip one of them because it's not available yet. Certain quests may have certain drops. 1) Story. Equipments drop here. Each stage drops specific set of equipments, which are set for support character's equipments, set for physical attacker's equipments, for magic attackers', for tank's and accessories. Be sure to check the drop rewards if you're looking for specific set of equipments. 2) Battle. PvP. Specific drops are the PvP currency and skip ticket. You consume 1 BP every battle. The max. BP you have is 5 and it recovers on the next login. However, you can recover 5 BP using an item or gems, up to 3 times per day. Be careful when you battle because you receives player exp once you done a battle, so you can end up leveling up after that, recovering your stamina to the maximum. 3) Kizuna. Some stages can be done up to 3 times per day while others only once (one time stage only). Other than character fragments, it also drops materials that you need to grade up your characters, the presents for your character and that character's spersonal weapon. Further stages may require you to unlock them by having that character's kizuna rank (bond level) at certain level. These are all about quests. There are also other things I want to talk about, such as the equipments systems, on what you should spend your gems , but I kinda lazy to talk further and I think you've noticed how I wrote up there, some doesn't make sense about how I talk, since I lost sense of writing properly in between. Anyway, what I want to say: It's a good game for me, and I love it. I like how the game is focused on "farmable" instead of "just gacha them". I also like how there are many ways to enhance one character, drops are arranged, etc. Also, sorry for the wall of text, and thank you for reading. :( ;´꒳`;)

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