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Ash Arms | Japanese

Ash Arms | Japanese

Ash Arms | Japanese

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Negative Dương


Gameplay, art and sound is above average. However, I do not recommend it because the progression system is horrible. The only effective way to progress is to gacha (300 gem per pull) and get dupes. You get 100 gem from daily quests. All dupes are converted to stones. You need 150 stones to upgrade from 3* to 4*(average to 6750 gems worth of dupes) . A stone is exchanged to a fragment of any unit regardless of rarity. You can farm fragments of some base 1,2* units but it takes extremely long time. 1,2* units have less consumption but will die more often (cost more to rebuild) and only have single target attacks. Most 3* have multi-target attacks and some are especially OP (not simply just higher stats but also high range, huge aoe, massive damage, etc..) TL, DR: Very slow progression if you don't pay. Low rarity units are completely obsolete.



более менее интересный геймплей, хороший чардиз 90% персонажей. раздражают только звуки. к музыке претензий не имею.

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