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- Fun combat and creatively copying other games, mainly dmc movesets on raiden, male mc, etc. Including, dmc3 and dmc4 in APHO 1 and 2 on both the enemy models and animations, and the music and sounds. HI3 has a small indie game quality production vibe to it so I don't find an issue with it, it's kinda cool that they dont take themselves overly seriously like a parody game.
- Decent music
- Attractive characters

- Nonsensical story; lack of world building, character introductions were missing since the beginning up to chapter 15+, organizations and current civilization explanation got explained hella late, and overdone the power of friendship trope and "plot armor" of characters getting random power up the exact same way over and over again by reusing the "overly dramatic and emotional anime moment" trope way too many times while the main protagonists were losing against somebody
- HI3 tend to leave a lot of explanation after the climax of each arc, or 15+ chapters later. So people are only saying that the story is great because they find the characters attractive, not that the terribly written and convoluted storytelling that even they themselves struggle to follow without reading the summary from the wikipedia page or having to go and forced themselves to read the manga to understand a mobile game plot were actually good or above average.
Which clearly shows the writer's incompetence. it was especially weird when real places (austrlia, new zealand, etc) or a random american name is mentioned in the story since it sounded really weird and pretentious by the writer.

- stigmata farming is a hell of an experience when foundary stigmatas arent even comparable or good enough to do 2.5x most of the time without their gacha signature wep and stigs
- One of the worst game when it comes to powercreeping... Not just the units but also their weapon and stigmata set as well since unlike other games, it's character exclusive for both the set and the weapon which made the experience worst.
- 200+ pity for stigmata + weapon combined, 100 for a unit without even counting getting duplicates
- $600 = 100 pulls in hi3, $600 = 360 pulls in Genshin. Packs are incredibly overpriced, actually scam if you think about how frequent the powercreep is in this game.
- when comparing this to Genshin, 1600 is cheaper than 2800 per 10 pull.
- 100 pity in HI3 is 28000 crystals, Genshin cost 180 pulls but it also cost 28000, at the same price, but it's realisticaly 14400 if you win the 50/50, or if hi3 50th pull is the half pity but hi3 doesnt have that when you dont have to gacha for artifact sets and the weapon in Genshin since it's not as mandatory as hi3. Genshib doesnt put artifacts sets on the gacha banner to begin with and the best part is that they cant be powercrept unlike HI3 stigmata system wheb it's only usuable on one unit specificially.
-Huge issue with the game being p2w which nobody seems to have addressed it at all.

I don't understand why this game get so heavily praised after trying it for a year to kill some time, stayed because rng blessed me with f2p luck. Also, about 90% of the entire main story in hi3 is jusy awful, I wished I could skip the slow zoom, forced RP walk that the game forces you to do during flashback or stuff happening outside of the real world for the billion times in the game like it made any sense, unskippable in-game dialogue, and the entire chapter of you walking around in circles on one same map for an entire chapter and hitting the same toy looking enemies, not intimidating to look at at all, for 10+ hours until you manage to get to a new story with a new area and repeat it again. Elysian realm is literally the only good story in the game, it's a shame that they're not alive in the main story.

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You know. I really like this game. Hack n' Slash is one of my favorite genres so it's a no brainer that this delivers that fast pace action just right; not to mention there's so many lovely girls to choose from!!! My favorite is Mei~[色色][色色][色色] The Story itself is decent nothing spectacular but the models and gameplay are quite fascinating. each character feels unique to themselves and have multiple forms which allows you to utilize different styles of gameplay. So where the character roster seems small in actuality it's far larger due to the multiple variations of each individual character. Truly this game deserves praise for being incredibly fun and entertaining. I do personally think the summoning on this game is a bit lacking and while it is possible to summon for a character you mostly want fragments to built the new variation which can be a bit annoying when you don't pull the missing pieces. All in all. Try it out see if this game is for you!



My first review on a game, yet, words cannot describe the joy of Honkai. Actually, they can, for the sake of this review. Honkai Impact 3rd is a joyride. I absolutely love it. STORY : The story? You can see the natural progression of character development, and it can bring tears to your eyes. English translation is well done. Speaking from experience, I've cried more than once reading the story involved with the game that you can see. They also have a manga, which I have not touched yet. GRAPHICS & SOUND : Graphics are beautiful for 3D/CGI, miHoYo have outdone themselves with this. In terms of audio, you'll recognize a few famous Japanese voices. I find the music okay, though. I usually tune it out. GAMEPLAY : If you like real-time and interactive battles, then Honkai's gameplay is definitely for you. Each Valkyrja has her own playstyles, graphics, and roles. For example, Theresa's Celestial Hymn battlesuit is more suited for supporting your team, her ultimate skill draws in enemies and creates enough CC for you to utterly annihilate them with your more DPS-focused Valks, like Seele's Swallowtail Phantasm or Stygian Nymph suits. I will not lie about the grind, as to get your Valks to SSS rank, which is the highest rank you can get them, takes a lot of work. It's usually worth it. Most Valks and their weapons and stigmata are gacha, too, but even so, I believe the game is very F2P. Events are regular and are doable without the use of cash, just be sure to be active! [厲害] Note: The HD assets and Standard assets can take up a lot of space, so please take caution with your phone's storage space when downloading the extra stuff! Other than that, I hope Honkai gives you a nice experience.

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