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Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost



friendship with gbf ended dragalia lost is my new friend

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I don't know why everyone talking about gacha being bad as this game not really have to get the gacha item to be enjoyed. I mean you play the game to enjoy the game not pulling the gacha. A *3 character can even drag your sh*t to high lvl content with right tuning. As grindy as this game but it only when people rush their thing. I actually like how grindy this game while its not really grindy at all (see granblue with their never ending grind). It can be enjoyed forever. The story not really having it muse. But it decent for generic fantasy. I mean its only realesed and can't complain about story yet. As for gameplay i enjoyed it so far. With bug there and therw is to be expected with new game. Actually they responsive and try to fix it asap. For music its Daoko for you. up to everyones taste. The graphic is a mix for portrait character being nintendo and wyrmprind for cygames. I dont know why they saying the art suck for not being cygames, while the nintendo art itself good.



The reviews that shit on this game for low rates, "stealing your money", p2w whatever--it's a garbage opinion. This game lets you use any unit and any dragons and you can still optimize your playstyle because the battles are entirely skill based. Learn to play the game and you can make 3*s godly even if you're f2p. I'm a minnow and I play maybe 1 hour of this a day, and I was able to complete the Halloween Hero title (exclusive by beating waves of enemies). This game has amazing bgm picked from DAOKO's best, and true Nintendo polish. Mmo style raid events, actual coop play, constant improvements from Cygames.

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