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Magical Atelier

Magical Atelier

Magical Atelier



I love this game so much.

It has loveable characters, my favourites being the proud and bratty Alberto Visconti and the strict genius Chris. You'll meet more and more characters as you progress through the main story.

I love the art so much too, it's cute and lively. It's a 2d live style (meaning they move), most of the time you'll see everyone as chibis but there's full length sprites as well and CGs.

In the game there's these fashion contests (of course since other than running an atelier you'll also be customizing yourself) and you can participate and vote for others. The gacha options are clothes, furniture and dolls, but they're also craftable and each and every one of them looks so good. It doesn't have the same mechanic as most gacha games, you'll have to play the game yourself to find out ^_<

I've only just scratched the surface there's a lot more gameplay like expeditions, crafting, requests, and a lot of side quests to do.

Play the game yourself to experience these things, I absolutely recommend it if you're into cutesy stuff. [害羞]

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overall, it's a really cute game!! unfortunately it's no longer in service since oct. 2023 and qooapp never set it as unavailable



no more lags after the recent update! i love cute games like this however i do not understand Korean. i wish they will release an english version otherwise i have to use the translator everytime i don't understand something _(√ ζ ε:)_

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