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Demian Saga

Demian Saga

Demian Saga

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Mario Hamilway


Not too bad so far! It's definitely high quality in its category. The initial gacha is generous with an infinite reroll for your first SSR character, two free copies of a healer, and a selector with role suggestions (but you can choose whatever you want). Characters are collected through gacha or by farming their shards. It's got several key quality of life features that I consider a must in any game nowadays, but almost none score very high in (except Demian Saga apparently): there's sweeping, collecting all rewards at once, auto progression for speeding through the story (if you don't care too much for it and just want to get it done), auto-equipping and unequipping. Even so, they're missing a toggle for automatic continue of text during story segments and a log of the conversation. I couldn't find a way to replay the story but I haven't looked yet. Also I wish I could upgrade heroes from the battle formation screen. There's a bit too much going on in the main interface for my tastes, but I think it's still to reasonable levels especially considering I'm at the beginning. I'm talking about being distracted by all sorts of notifications when I'm in the main screen: all the red dots, rewards to be claimed from many different buttons (just give me a single "quest and events" button for god's sake ahah), new quests unlocked, new characters to view, and so on. I like the story even if it's nothing fancy, or maybe because of it. It's not trying to be more than what it is, and it's holding my interest. I like the pirate theme and the characterizations. The characters are pretty and I think they're all inspired by existing characters, from various mythologies but also other modern stories. I don't know if this game has an established lore however. No challenge so far, but I'm not very far into it. The main focus seems to be growing a team with good synergies. On a bad note, my phone locked while I was doing the tutorial because I was interrupted, and the game died. On restart, I had to start over and choose a different name because the one I had chosen was "taken" even if my progress was lost.



i love this game. the graphics and the story was awesome. for me its a five star.

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