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Hero Cantare | Global

Hero Cantare | Global

Hero Cantare | Global



I honestly think this game is pretty solid, not the best but it gets the job done.

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started playing 2 months ago, the game was still really enjoyable for f2p. but sadly, it has been going the p2w route by releasing live pvp and $$$ only costume which give dual attribute for a hero. its getting harder and harder everytime for f2p to survive, you need to be super strategic to use your enhancement resources or you're going to be stuck for a while. you also need to follow the meta for pvp, since almost everyone are using very similar lineup with each other, and some specific units are always used because apparently they're broken. also, since global chat is a thing, be prepared for any kind of toxic community, especially as a beginner. most of the time other players will properly help them, but sometimes there are trolls who will recommend them to build bad heroes. if you're planning to try this game/a beginner and want to have a peaceful gaming with your favorite webtoon character, i'd suggest you to just leave(worst case scenario), or at the very least try finding the perfect time for asking guidance as a beginner. TLDR: 1.love webtoon&have $$$ to spend?=perfect game for you. 2.love webtoon but no $$$ to spend?=try having as much fun as possible, this game requires a lot of brain cells and patience. 3.doesn't like/know webtoon but have $$$ to spend?=might worth trying, artstyle is good(imo) and pvp is super advantageous for p2w. 4.doesn't like webtoon AND no $$$ to spend?=stay the fk away, a lot of better gacha game exist out there. btw i already left the game

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english version please

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