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takt op. Symphony | Japanese

takt op. Symphony | Japanese

宿命迴響:弦上的嘆息 | 日版

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takt op Symphony Global Gameplay - Official Launch Android IOS https://youtu.be/HQCl-wuiuFM

Major Sehven


As someone who knows nothing about the anime here's my opinion. The graphics: I love the character menus they look really nice, but the combat and gameplay graphics are mediocre. I don't like how far it's zoomed out and I'm not a fan of chibi so that doesn't help but if you like chibi then it'll probably be fine for you. The gameplay is ok, nothing groundbreaking or game changing. You do have to complete different game modes and make correct choices in conversations to progress through story mode. You can't just run right through the story mode. The story is cool and I'll probably check out the anime sometime soon. Now for the Gacha. The rates are absolutely horrible, like Mihoyo horrible. Unless you are the 0.5% of people getting multiple 3 stars in one pull or in a couple of 10 pulls you are going to pity and most likely lose the 50/50. They were generous at launch and I think we got like 51 pulls with one banner having a guaranteed 3 star in 20 pulls. You get another 10 pull on day 2 login. It took me 7 rerolls to get Walk and Swan Lake and I got Winter from guarantee banner. I tried for Sheba but lost the 50/50 early(thankfully )with another Swan dupe. Speaking of dupes you need 3 dupes to rank your 3 star up so at 3 star you are 0-150 with each dupe being 50 shards. I'm not sure if the amount increases or you always just need 3. It's a cool game and I think it's worth a download to try it out. Oh and the art is top notch! This review is based on Global.

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