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Brown Dust 2

Brown Dust 2

Brown Dust 2



Kinda felt half finished
Only few characters has animation and voiced
Led to me dumping the game 1st week since release

Recently found out they worked on the animation for some old character so decide to visit back
No good impression from this dev since then

The game isn't bad

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nice style and better than the usual click the red notification spot "gameplay" of most gachas. combat is a bit confusing to me but i don't play many strategy games



The 2D character images are beautiful! Decently engaging story so far. Combat is,...interesting. It might not be appealing to some people, as it is turn-based and tactical on a 3×4 grid. I just wish there was an option to change moving characters on the grid to "point-and-click" instead of dragging, since it is rather clunky. The gacha rates for 5-stars is pretty abysmal, but as of the Aug. 16th update, the pity system has been reworked and should prove to be a significant improvement over the original system. The rice (stamina) daily cap is a bit low, like the problem Genshin had with resin at the start. They recently ran an event where it was doubled to 80, and it felt pretty good at that number. Hopefully they eventually decide to just make 80 the cap permanently. But yeah, definitely enjoying this game!

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