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Helios Rising Heroes

Helios Rising Heroes

Helios Rising Heroes



it's so fcking hard to grind😭 but I'll still grind until I get ren, pls come home ren I NEED YOU🥹😭

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Sherrice jackson


App size: 735MB. The tutorial is pretty quick. Pretty sure it only takes like 10 minutes to go through it. The download took another 5 so it's about 15 minutes per reroll. Okay so this is another RPG for girls. That means there really won't be much imagination when it comes to game play (you select the order in which they attack and you can designate when they can use their burst skill.) The story so far is okay and the graphics as well as the sound are top notch (I especially like when the units use their burst skill.) My main problem definitely lies with the gacha. The game has heroes as well as frames (which if I am understanding correctly are for certain skills) in its gacha. There is a 5% chance for the highest rarity (4*) but it's split between heroes and frames. Heroes as you can guess have the lower rating at 2%. Frames 3%. At 3* you have a 5% chance at a hero and a 10% chance of getting a frame. 2* is where they are even at 40% each. Even if you do a 10 roll you are not guaranteed a hero. All you are guaranteed is something at 3* or higher. After 100 rolls in a specific gacha you are guaranteed a 4* hero and it's split between whatever is in that specific gacha. At the start you are given a 10roll ticket as well as 235 gems to start. It takes 300 gems to do a 10roll so that's alright. During the tutorial you are given the choice of selecting one 3* hero of your choice. I would have no issue with rolling for frames, but they should've been placed in another gacha. They are pretty important so people would have to roll for them regardless. As far as whether or not I'll play I'm not sure. I'm not desperate for a new game to play (The new tales of game is out and I do have things to do there.) The voice actors that are listed is the main reason I tried the game out (I like most of them and one of them is in my top 3 as far as favorites go.) It's the main reason I'm debating on whether or not I'll play. Game play being second as it's decent enough. I suppose I could reroll and play until I end up getting pissed about how I'm rolling more frames than heroes and then quit, but I'll see.



I love this game ! The graphics and the art is so beautiful for a turn-based game like this. The game is also kind of generous because in 8 months of playing, I experience getting many things by just logging in to the game. There’s also a way to collect some needed things when patrolling and I can say that patrols is really helpful. You can also earn rubies in a lot of ways which is good but getting 4★ hero is so hard especially when it comes to my bad luck sometimes [大哭] But yeah, It’s worth downloading. The game takes 1.15GB in my phone but I’m not sure if it will increase so I will be preparing my storage lol. Lastly, My favorite thing here is the animation in each burst. Especially the animations in 4★ heroes, I just find it pretty and addicting. [鬼臉] So that’s all. I recommend this to y’all if you’re interested, give it a try atleast. It’s pretty fun !

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