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Colette Yamazaki


neat little game, you create a tower of legos and smack the enemy youre fighting!! try it if you can deal with the moon runes [開心][開心] Edit: Been about 4-5 days since playing? so far 8 chapter areas available with their respective hard mode variables. theres a pvp arena puzzle mode but just play it like normal and youll do fine 60% of my wons have been from people just giving up evem before matching starts. theres also a daily dungeon for gold-exp-and skill materials. you can run story mode, gold, and exp dungeon as long as you got the stamina. skill up and assorted materials can be done the same BUT with a caveat. its not shown outright but i believe that skill up dungeon is time gated to RIGHT WHEN IT OPENS. **so when the time runs down on skill up for the next according time limited dungeon literally JUMP ON IT. its the only way youll have access to it.** after about 2-3 hrs of the new limited dungeon opening regardless of the dungeon saying its open for another 20-22 hrs it will in fact lock you out with a message saying w.e error has popped up and force you to title screen. its not game breaking since we can still run it but it means we have to run it at inconvenient hours of the day. for the night owls though this will be fine to do. overall still a great little game if you can deal with the moon runes [鬼臉][鬼臉]



Confesso que é inovador esse estilo de jogo, mistutar Tetris com RPG, só a X-Flag mesmo. Recomendo darem uma chance ao game.

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