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IDOLiSH7 | Japanese

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese

IDOLiSH7 | Japanese



I've played this for a long time and I love this game.
- Story: I hope all of them will become anime. (I've watch Idolish7 until their third beat, side story vibrato and still hope for next season. I want to see all of them)
- Gacha: Sometimes wise and sometimes no. You'll be happy when the 77 event banner come (SSR may come to you happily). Need to save much the stellar stones and choose wisely to which banner you want to pull. The banner always have a 2 version (same banner with discount pull and for top up pull).
- Card illustration are wonderful. Can be used for home screen.
- Every songs are originals, no cover but I love it! ナナイロ Realize, Restart Pointer, Leopard Eyes, Poisonous Gangster, etc. all of them are great!
- The gameplay are great and light (won't hurt the phone performance). Simple and easy to understand.
- For events, sometimes I feel the time is short. I want it longer so I can reach all the event goals.
- Hall mode is very cute. You can custom the rooms by items you get from events or exchange SP points at hall. You can add chibi characters and dress them with costumes that can be obtained when gacha for card that includes costumes on it or exchange SP points at hall.

Finally, I want the story continue to be adapt to anime, don't stop only in third beat :)
Thank you [開心]

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this game cured my depression watered my crops fed my children and gave me a will to live as well

Fryda Purbasari


0w0 Woah it's have been 3 years I play ainana :'DD IT'S A GOOD GAME RATE 5 FOR YOU AINANA :^DDD I hope this game have english language :'))) I'M FROM INDONESIA SEND A VIRTUAL HUGS :'DDDD

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