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Hmm.. So, after I try play this game I think this game is good. Have a nice graphics, story, voice and songs (both original and cover).

- The gacha rate I think, it's wise (I don't know but maybe because it still a new game, so let's see in the future). For free players, I suggest to save the gems for the card you really want. Don't waste the gems (For pull 10 cards = 3000 gem). The gems can be obtain by seeing story, doing mission (upper left at home screen), play songs for score mission (you can obtain about 20 gems per mission).
- For card leveling system it reminds me of AASide (if you ever played it). The items for leveling or enhance the card are random given by playing song based on the songs difficulty, maybe? You can boost the drop item to 3x but it'll use 3 stamina to boost. The card illustration looks good, a bit like from ikemen games developed by CYBIRD.
- The songs are good, both original and cover songs. I hope more songs will be added. Can be unlocked by seeing story.
- The Story not all but some have side story along with the main. There's also one with characters icon named profile. Can be unlocked when the fans for that character has reached the requirement. Play live more to get fans (like Ensemble Stars Music system). It can also level up the character rank.
- You can also custom the home screen like Ensemble Stars Music. You can have 2 sengoku characters together, choose their costumes, choose background. You can also add card illustration for the next screen (screen 2-5) and switch it from 2 characters screen to illustration only.
- Gameplay: For me it's a bit heavy. I've try to make it more lighter by turn off the effects I don't need (card showing animation (don't worry the character voice will still appear), chance time, button effects) and change the background to log only (the stage background will be change to cloud and game logo down-left on the screen). I'm a bit shock when I tap my phone's vibrate, so I turn off that effect too. I think it will affect the battery like more draining it. It still a bit heavy I hope the developer can make it more lighter.
You can also custom the buttons like Enstars Music.

I think, that's all for now. I'll explore more later. Thank you! [開心]

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So ive been playing the game for a little over 30 minutes nowz so here are my initial thoughts. -Story is interesting, progressing in the story is locked behind live shows (like Bandori and Shining Live) -Voice in lives is very staticky, hoping the devs will fix this in future patches - For now, I recommend turning the voice over in lives in the settings down to like 40 and it won't be too much of a problem lol -They have an area called "My Room" which you use to decorate your own little cubby corner. Some specific character items you can buy from the shop. Haven't worked through that part much so that's all I can say for now -There is a battle pass like system (again like bandori or Project Sekai) to level through and collect rewards -Upgrading idols is the same as any other rhythm game where you get upgrade items from lives or missions -Overall the game is interesting, your basic male idol rhythm game, nothing too special to make it stand out other than obv the new spin on warlords becoming idols in modern age lol -There are cover songs in the lives already, so I'm hoping more covers of songs will become available as time goes by ¤ BEWARE ¤ I input an email and password fod data transfer and even linked a google play account (they give you either email or google play option) and when I tried to log in to my tablet it did not work and kept showing an error. I deleted the app and reinstalled on both phone and tablet and my account was no longer connected so I had to start over. That's fine since I barely did anything in the game anyway (just sucks I have to sit here and reroll for Nobunaga again but oh well). There are clearly some kinks with the data transfer option so do not uninstal the game or you may lose your progress.



leaving a review as someone who can understand japanese and has been waiting since february for the release o7 OVERALL/TLDR: 3.8/5 STARS Great game, I'd still recommend to others, but they could improve more on the bugs, lag, download, rhythm game gameplay, the loading, the sound, etc. Anyway, the other features are still decent so it kinda balances things out, I guess? I'm hoping all of you will get the cards that you want. Please stan Yuutarou. VOICE CAST: The voice cast for this game is Amazing, it's the reason why I got interested in it. For those not into voice actors or stage play, the voice cast consists of half voice actors (most of which are very popular/rising voice actors in the industry) while the other half are stage play actors. I think this cast is one of the reasons why the game ranked #1 in Japan play stores during the release. Only Chapter 0 is fully voiced, but I'm still glad because they seriously did justice to each character. Shoutout to Masuda Toshiki fr STORYLINE: One word to describe it is “intriguing”. Several Sengoku-related games have been created in the past, but this is the first time I have heard of Sengoku generals turned to idols. Seriously caught my interest. The prologue chapter/Chapter 0 had an interesting start as well, and Chapter 1 has maintained that pacing but made it more casual and showed how the characters were adjusting to the modern times. I have yet to read the next chapters, but I hope everything is still well. I enjoy the mini stories of each character because you really get to know them more, even if it's just a little bit. RHYTHM GAMEPLAY/SONGS: Honestly, didn't know what to expect for the rhythm game play since I'm not too familiar with the developers but all I can say is — it gives me mixed emotions. For starters, the downside is, if you're used to fast speed, the fastest is 12x yet it still feels slow. I usually play at 10.5x in other Japanese rhythm games, but the equivalent for that in this game is around 11.5x or higher. Sometimes, the notes are lagging as well (and even the download is really laggy). You can only unlock songs after reading passed a certain story, which just forces you to play more lives until you can unlock the story (Personally, I don't mind this since I enjoy the story for now, but it is testing my patience since I have to read/skip the stories just so I can unlock the song of the character I like). On the brighter side, I love the songs! It was a smart move for them to let the characters sing extremely popular songs because it did catch the attention of a lot of people. Their own original songs sung by all 12 of them surprised me the most because all of their voices blended well. I am once again appreciating this voice cast. > Short comment about the sound: The characters sound crunchy when they talk in the middle of the live. Idk if it's just because my phone is old though, but lowering their volume made them sound not-crunchy. There's something similar to a guild called “Circle”, which is nice because I can also chat with other players. Love it so far GACHA/CARDS: Lo and behold— Surprisingly, the gacha rates are pretty decent. 5% chance of getting an SSR isn't too bad compared to other Japanese rhythm games. I recently got two SSRs in one 10 pull (and both weren't even the characters included in the rate-up banner), so they're really not joking about the rate-up Card illustrations are pretty. And, I also like how each card rarity has a different item to level up the card. I can waste all my SSR level up items for an SSR card, and I can also waste all my other SR level up items for an SR card. Good call

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