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Laid-Back Camp All -in -one!!

Laid-Back Camp All -in -one!!

Laid-Back Camp All -in -one!!

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If you read this, turn around and leave the ship, this one is going to sink deep. I already uninstalled the game once, I'm re-downloaded this game just to write this, and then I'll re-uninstall this once again (and for all). I personally am a fan of あfろ, the original mangaka of which the series started. The Anime is one of the comfiest show I ever seen, so I do have some baseline expectation of how I hope the game will add to the whole franchise. I also don't put my hope too high, since many games after a popular title are usually a cash cow scheme, but boy, everything in this game shattered even my lowest expectation. First of all, props for the remake of the OP using the game's asset. They don't have to do that, but somehow they did, although that is about the good impression of the game. Not my kind of graphic, but that is just personal taste, so I'll set that aside. Some of the first UI menu I encountered were already written in grammatically incorrect sentences. I want to say machine translation, but probably not. It might be the case where the translation team did not know where the text were going to be displayed on the UI, resulting in some weird sentence structures. Their tutorial, oh god, their tutorial. The endless ここだよ (kokodayo), the unresponsive menu to wait for the tutorial animation sequence, and the micro management of all you do on the entire length - around 30 minutes (!) - of the tutorial. I literally fallen asleep once, I kid you not, during that torture session. Might fallen asleep more often and longer if not for the god and savior kokodayo, yelling what to do, every single damned time. 30 minutes of the tutorial is longer than the actual 1st episode of the Anime they're trying to retell. Oh, have I told you that the tutorial is literally the first episode of the series? Some of the cutscenes are just reusing the screenshot of the Anime. Makes me wonder if the effort of the OP recreation ends there. RIP game dev effort. Some untranslated buttons in Japanese. It truly looks like there are no QC, no Playtesting at all, because literally everyone will complain about the darn tutorial om the first 5 minutes, let alone 30 minutes! I might be wrong about this, but I'm not opening that damn game again, but you have (at least) 3 types of gacha?! That's costume, gear, and interaction! Talk about greed, for what amounts to a doll house and simulation game. They might be inspired by EA on this one. I don't know how to end this review, except to tell you to turn back and run for your lives! I experienced hell so you don't have to. No need to thank me as well, just run.



❤️ Cute ❤️ Lovely concept ❤️ The graphic is actually pretty good ❤️ Actually pretty captivating opening 💔 Sometime the game just doesn't load contents 💔 If the story stuck in one frame and you try to reload the game, it will skip the story cutscene/animation 💔Pretty laggy I hope the game developers will fix these bugs so I can actually enjoy the game 🥹

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