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Since they don't really put the effort in advertising. This game was made for their original main game Girls Frontline fanbase.

What amaze me is even though Girls Frontline revenue isn't that high compare to other mobile games, the main team Sunborn/MICA has the balls of steel creating this game and other projects. This shows that this game doesn't meant to gain as much money as possible. But to show thank you to their fanbase for supporting Girls Frontline.

The graphic is cute with combination of 3D Chibi model and 2D Live2D/illustration. They even add tiny detail in latest update (Yes, i'm talking about Clukay's skirt and stockings). The special effect is variable and 'clear' enough for each characters.

I don't put so much thought for audio since mainly i play on mute. But if the soundtrack is from Vanguard studio team, you know what they capable of.

The story, their progress and explanation for players really put your brain through the cloud. There's so much 'unknown' words and not your everyday conversation. The first 2 or 3 chapters might be boring, but it will be getting more interesting. Of course reading some outsource lore here and there really help understanding the flow. Check their discord/reddit, you might found some interesting things created by other players.

Gameplay was old style, rogue type. But wait, there are some complex system. And everything can't be push through with only 1 team. The beauty of mixing and setup your characters unique ability is good enough. Stamina system hold your progressing faster, and this game is slowburn type.

Don't start with gacha, every account has different luck. In my opinion, it's not a cash-burn gacha type. It's not punishing like F/GO (Yes, i was a masochist playing that game for 4 years). And for me, i'm doing fine without purchasing currency for gacha.

Summary, it's just an OK game. But it's great for the Girls Frontline fans. Yuzhong deserve the respect.[難過]

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A solid and relatively friendly game. Character control is limited to initial positioning, a few combat directives (regenerating directive points, selected loadout) and casting ults. It's somewhat of a roguelike (with temporary upgrade pickups per stage in a branching map in most stages) in a usual stamina gatcha, but they avoided many punishing aspects of roguelike by allowing 10(!) resets per stage, 3 resets a floor, being able to exit for only 1 stamina spent. They also avoided a bunch of stam issues like letting you select rewards for stamina cost instead of forcing it all. Character building is still expensive though, although easier than most gatcha due to how their shard/dupe system works. They also have a gear+substat grind endgame which is.... at least their system appears to be on the better side of that but stil.... prepare to mald I suppose. Also, with a stamina system, as usual you're flooded early and I hear somewhat limited later, although available nonlimited challenge content will alleviate that for a while I think. However, the game is entirely PvE at the moment and the friend support system is fairly generous, so a lot can be forgiven.



To be fair, Neural Cloud is a typical anime gacha game like many others. But the main factor that set it different than others is the gameplay wise inspired by TFT (Team Fight Tactic from LoL) which is very indepth additive to both casual and hardcore players alike after get used to it. Since it also introduces a complete new storyline of what's so-called "GFL prequel", it's easy to pick up by to GFL fans - or even non GFL players (i'm at that category btw) that not able to fully experience Girl's FrontLine game back in 2018 and so on. There's maybe still some small cons like game-balance or bugs/glitches but gonna say it's much better than many games at release debut of playing for 1st impression. Medium size of the game however (3GB storage at most), but other than that it can run well on potato phones as well - depend on how Setting you want for smooth experience. That'll do for this ones, thanks for reading and hope you all love the game :3

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