An excellent puzzle combine platform port game of icy mobile version.

A bomber game in new style : cute bad ice with many new maps and game style, item. ...

The war of icy ice-cream with fresh fruit. When game is loaded use "Click to Lick" button to reach
game menu. You can play this game alone or with your friend together. After you click "Play" button from main menu; choose player
number, ice-creams' color and the chapter. Game has 40 different levels. Complete them one by one. You can break or create new
ice blocks whenever you want. Try to pick up all fruits without getting caught from your enemies. We hope you happy days.
Bad Ice Cream is a fun puzzle arcade game in which you control a delicious and colorful ice-cream! Your goal is simple - you
must collect wall of the fruits on each level and avoid being destroyed or melted by your enemies! Move around the map and collect
every piece of fruit you see!

Bad Ice Cream Ice-Powers best puzzle arcade game:
? Puzzle game with icy ice-cream and cute fruit
? Over 100 maps
? Fun Multiplayer Mode
? Easy but addictive gameplay
? Funny pixel design
? Smooth control

Bad Ice Cream Ice-Powers gameplay
? Choose a flavor
? Add fruit to your ice cream!
? Travel your Summer Frozen dessert through each maze-like level, and collect fruit for points
? Clear all fruit without getting caught
? Enjoy your tasty treat!

Pleas bring your hotboy and girl come to this cute kid game !
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.9
3 Rating(s), 1 Comment(s)
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