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Today's Mart is a simulation game developed by NOKNOK CO., LTD..

Pleasing Shopping Experience in Your Own Mart
"Today's Mart"

/////////// The Easy Peasy Guide for Managers //////////

1. Become a Cat Manager!
- Waking up from a distress, you are in the world full of cats!
- Destiny led you to become a local mart manager

2. Grow organic vegetables and sell them in your mart!
- Manage your mart and farm altogether!!
- From organic vegetables to mackerels, produce and sell various products

3. Travel the world with a crew of cute cats!
- Collect rare materials all over the world with your crew
- Enjoy beautiful sightseeing and exciting adventures

4. Is this for real? Get real-life groceries delivered to your home!
- Collect Game Points to purchase real products for free

▶Smartphone App Access Permissions◀
The access permissions to your device are required for the app to provide services listed below:

[Required Permissions]
1. Allow access to device photos, media, and files
-This access permission is required to save game files in the device to launch the game.
-The [Access permission to device photos, media, and files] include the access permission to use the device storage. Without this permission, reading and writing the data needed to play the game cannot be executed.
2. Allow access to contacts
-This access permission is required to authenticate the user's Google account for login.
-This is included in the [Access permissions to contacts], and users cannot log in to Google without this permission.
-If Google login is not allowed, the game cannot access the contacts.
3. Allow access to camera
-This access permission is required to save screenshots and gameplay videos.
4. Allow access to phone
-This access permission is required to check the device status and ID.
5. Allow access to SMS
-This access permission is required to receive messages.

*You can still play the game without allowing these access permissions.
*After allowing these access permissions, you can reset or disable them by following the next steps:
[Android 6.0 or later]
1. How to control each access permission: Go to Device Settings > Apps > More (Settings) > App Settings > App Permissions, and select an access permission to turn on or off

2. How to control access permission per app: Go to Device Settings > Apps, and select an app to turn on or off access permission

[Earlier than Android 6.0]
The operating system does not support disabling of each access permission. Only deleting the app can reset the access permissions. Upgrading the Android version is recommended.

□ Contact Email: todaysmart@noknok.co.kr
□ Official Cafe Link: https://www.facebook.com/Todays-Mart-120903409304167/
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.9
6 Rating(s), 6 Comment(s)
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