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This is the Official QooApp client for Android.

Find Games, News, Comics, and Meet Fellow Otaqoos -- Traverse the limitless 2D World!
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------------Version Updates-----------
2022-07-22 Version 8.3.16
-Bug fix

2022-07-14 Version 8.3.15
- Fixed some critical issues

2022-07-07 Version 8.3.14
- Bug fix

2022-06-22 Version 8.3.13
1. Added “Rating Reminder" to game info pages.
2. Added "Latest Update" to some games.
3. Feature optimization and bug fixes.

2022-06-07 Version 8.3.12
- bug fix

2022-03-04 Version 8.3.11
- bug fix

2022-03-03 Version 8.3.10
- bug fix

2022-01-24 Version 8.3.9
-Added an "Ex-Qoo-sive" games corner. Get all the "qooest" games there!

2022-01-10 Version 8.3.8
1. Summon your magic barrier. Seal off those users who offend you.
2. Show off your power and profile to others. You may find your destined one!

2021-12-24 Version 8.3.7
- bugfix

2021-12-20 Version 8.3.6
1. Added email login. Bind the mailbox to get a limited Avatar Frame!
2. Added a function to change the status of notes from "Hide" to "Public".
3. Added a function to double-click the homepage icon returns to the top.
4. Improved the presentation of the homepage and reduce errors.

2021-12-02 Version 8.3.5
★★★ Translation Service Level Up! ★★★
1. More payment plans with better prices!
2. Added invite quests! Free translation quotas for you and your friends!

2021-09-18 Version 8.3.3
Optimization of the translation service

2021-08-13 Version 8.3.2
Mr.Qoo's birthday party continues!
- Newly added Avatar Frame function! Birthday party avatar frame for all Otaqoos! Select the one you like and make yourselves "iconic"!

2021-07-22 Version 8.3.1
Anniversary update is here!
- A new "real-time translation" buff for servants Elly and Gilbert! Now you can understand your in-game waifu and husbando better!
- Brand new birthday theme for everyone!
2021-05-20 Version 8.1.11
- You now have “Guild Card” on your profile. Go check it out!
- Share function optimized

2021-04-29 Version 8.1.10
- You can mention (@) other OtaQoos in your notes!
- You can find your Gacha ticket history in the Gacha page!

2021-04-15 Version 8.1.9
- Comments can be deleted.
- You can pin the note in your homepage now!

2021-03-25 Version 8.1.8
- Optimized game downloads
- Bug fix

2020-11-30 Version 8.1.7
- Bug fix

2020-10-13 Version 8.1.6
- Bug fix

2020-9-28 Version 8.1.5
- Bug fix

2020-9-3 Version 8.1.4
- Added dark mode

2020-8-14 Version 8.1.3
- Bug fix

2020-7-10 Version 8.1.1

- Expand Game Rankings 

2020-6-30 Version 8.1.0

After undergoing series of optimizations, QooApp has finally evloved into a brand new form at 6 years old! QooApp is ready to meet otaku worldwide with a new outfit!
- New UI! Come and experience a wide variety of new functions!
- A renovated Game Library to guide you through the world of game!
- Optimized search engine. Can you discover hidden features on the search page?
- A leveled up personal profile and note function. Go unleash your inner otaku self and let the world see!

2019-12-19 Version 7.10.12
- Optimized game downloads

2019-12-12 Version 7.10.11
- Bug fix

2019-11-19 Version 7.10.10
- Bug fix

2019-11-04 Version 7.10.9
- Bug fix

2019-10-28 Version 7.10.8
- Game timeline optimized, reading notes have never been easier~

2019-10-14 Version 7.10.7
- Bug fix

2019-09-24 Version 7.10.6
- Bug fix

2019-09-23 Version 7.10.5
- Bug fix

2019-09-10 Version 7.10.4
- Bug fix
- Optimized game downloads

2019-09-03 Version 7.10.3
- Optimized Daily Gacha Ticket notice, now skippable!
- Optimized Gacha system and details

- Important Notice: To improve and guarantee the quality of our services, starting today, QooApp 6.0.0 (09/11/2016) and earlier versions will no longer be supported. Please update your QooApp to the latest version.

2019-08-23 Version 7.10.1
- Bug fix

2019-08-22 Version 7.10.0
- Added news and user search function
- Added Thai and Spanish user interface
- Fixed bugs 

2019-07-31 Version 7.9.1
- Optimized game downloads
- Bug fix

2019-07-25 Version 7.9.0
- Game Description, Comments, Notes translate feature added
- Language tag added to search, find games in the language you want!
- New button added to the game description page to jump to different versions of the game
- General optimizations

2019-07-17 Version  7.8.13
- Optimized welcome page display
- Optimized game downloads
- Bug fix

2019-07-03 Version 7.8.12
-Support French language

2019-07-02 Version 7.8.11
- Free Gacha feature launched, are you ready to try your luck?

2019-06-25 Version 7.8.8
- New “N/A” option added to Ratings for when you really can’t give a score!

2019-06-06 Version 7.8.7
- Added new Report Comment feature

2019-05-30 Version 7.8.4
- Bug fix

2019-05-29 Version 7.8.3
- Return of the Event Tab! Find and join all the latest events on QooApp with ease~
- Optimized IM
- Sign in via LINE supported 

2019-05-23 Version 7.7.3

- New: Added new option to enable/disable game update notifications

2019-05-08 Version 7.7.2
- Fixed problems with messages not being sent in IM
- Bug Fixes

2019-05-05 Version 7.7.1
- Added "Top Gamers" to the Game Store page to show the most active users!
- Added new GOOD verification to highlight the best posts
- Added Total Likes on profile page

2019-04-23 Version 7.6.20
- Optimized download & install for some games (e.g. Dragalia Lost, Degenki Bunko etc.)
- Fixed issue with corrupted files after sending .gif images on IM
- Various bug fix & optimizations

2019-04-23 Version 7.6.19
- Enhancements to Game Downloads
- Solved IM connection issues
- Optimized login page
- Fixed crashes when entering user profile page
- Fixed various crash issues in Notes and Game Cards
- Other optimizations

2019-04-11 Version 7.6.16
- bug fix

2019-04-04 Version 7.6.15
- bug fix

2019-03-27 Version 7.6.14
- bug fix

2019-03-25 Version 7.6.13
- bug fix

2019-03-15 Version 7.6.12
-Solved issues for games (e.g. MASS FOR THE DEAD) that couldn't be installed after downloads (works on certain devices)

2019-03-06 Version 7.6.11
- You can now show off your “Game Comments” on user profile
- New "Follow" button to let you keep up with professional players
- Other optimizations

2019-01-15 Version 7.6.10
- Buffs applied to Game Store, all users gain increased exp
- Bug fixes

2018-12-24 Version 7.6.9
- Merry Christmas!

2018-12-17 Version 7.6.8
- Game Download and Update optimizations
- Game Store Update! Find good games with ease
- Note now supports GIF! Leave notes with a dynamic flair
- Various minor improvements

2018-11-27 Version 7.6.7
- Minor bugs fix.

2018-11-14 Version 7.6.6
- Minor bugs fix.

2018-11-08 Version 7.6.5
-W-What? Game Timeline is Evolving! Showing off your epic summons and waifu has never looked so good!

2018-10-16 Version 7.6.3- New Note Feature: Voting now available! Got a decision to make? Start a Vote~

2018-09-21 Version 7.6.2
- Various minor optimizations

2018-09-10 Version 7.6.1
- Bug fix

2018-09-10 Version 7.6.0
[Update!] Game Store Revamp!!
- New “Timeline”: All the latest News, Cards, Posts, and Notes all in one place!
- New Video Support: Watch the latest PV before you play!
- New “Qoo Thoughts”: See if you share the same thoughts on your games with Mr. Qoo! 

2018-08-16 Version 7.5.4
- Bug fix

2018-08-13 Version 7.5.3

- New: Support direct sharing of content from websites and other apps to Notes! Enrich your account today (^-^)
- Optimize: Image Insert now available for Note Comments! Reply through the power of memes!
- Fix: General bug fix.

2018-07-20 Version 7.5.2

- Fix: Fixed issues with game downloads
- New: QooApp Tour led by Elly~ Come and explore what QooApp has to offer!
- Optimization: Launch of the new Game Card feature! Track your cards' popularity!

2018-07-10 Version 7.5.0
- Urgent Fix: Fix for parsing problem during game update. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 
- Launch of the new “Game Card” feature! Show the world your in-game achievements!

2018-07-03 Version 7.4.3

- Bug fix for downloading

2018-06-28 Version 7.4.2
- Bug fix

2018-06-22 Version 7.4.1
- Bug fix

2018-06-12 Version 7.4.0
- Main page content expanded! "Hot Comments" "Videos" & "News" introduced!
- News List enhanced! Reading has never been easier!

2018-05-09 Version 7.3.2
- Bug fix

2018-04-26 Version 7.3.1
- Bug fix

2018-04-26 Version 7.3.0
- Record your gaming victories in our new Game Note!
- You can now comment on game pages!

2018- 04-12 Version 7.2.3
- Bug fix

2018- 03-09 Version 7.2.2

- Bug fix

2018-02-14 Version 7.2.1

- Happy Lunar New Year!
Upgrade to Ver. 7.2.1 to get our Lunar New Year theme and surprises!

2018-01-19 Version 7.1.1
- Bug fix

2018-01-16 Version 7.1

- Optimization and bugs fixed

2017-12-20 Version 7.0
- Merry Christmas! QooApp gets a new outfit for the holiday season!
- New modules in homepage: What's New and Hot Today keep you updated!
- You can FOLLOW pre-registered and unreleased titles to stay up-to-date.
- Otome Portal is now better than ever
- Others
1. Comics section optimised
2. Other functions optimised and bugs fixed

Selected Note

#QooMystery (You are invited to solve this mystery together)
When you are running out of idea for interesting things, QooApp always gives you new mystery to solve.

Take a look at the following games, their ratings, their Followings, etc.:


(Unofficial OFC! [開心]) (NSFW tag for R15 posture)
Since I was editing Elly, I decided to make her into a collaboration for <How to Raise a Harem> before the official does it in the future!

Collaboration Elly! —

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.4
2957 Rating(s), 970 Comment(s)
Selected Note

#QooMystery (You are invited to solve this mystery together)
When you are running out of idea for interesting things, QooApp always gives you new mystery to solve.

Take a look at the following games, their ratings, their Followings, etc.:


(Unofficial OFC! [開心]) (NSFW tag for R15 posture)
Since I was editing Elly, I decided to make her into a collaboration for <How to Raise a Harem> before the official does it in the future!

Collaboration Elly! —

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