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QooApp : Professional Anime Game Platform!

Find Games, News, Comics, and Meet Fellow Otaqoos -- Traverse the limitless 2D World!

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------------Version Updates-----------

2018-06-22 Version 7.4.1

- Bug fix

2018-06-12 Version 7.4.0

- Main page content expanded! "Hot Comments" "Videos" & "News" introduced!

- News List enhanced! Reading has never been easier!

2018-05-09 Version 7.3.2

- Bug fix

2018-04-26 Version 7.3.1

- Bug fix

2018-04-26 Version 7.3.0

- Record your gaming victories in our new Game Note!

- You can now comment on game pages!

2018- 04-12 Version 7.2.3

- Bug fix

2018- 03-09 Version 7.2.2

- Bug fix

2018-02-14 Version 7.2.1

- Happy Lunar New Year!

Upgrade to Ver. 7.2.1 to get our Lunar New Year theme and surprises!

2018-01-19 Version 7.1.1

- Bug fix

2018-01-16 Version 7.1

- Optimization and bugs fixed

2017-12-20 Version 7.0

- Merry Christmas! QooApp gets a new outfit for the holiday season!

- New modules in homepage: What's New and Hot Today keep you updated!

- You can FOLLOW pre-registered and unreleased titles to stay up-to-date.

- Otome Portal is now better than ever

- Others

1. Comics section optimised

2. Other functions optimised and bugs fixed

2017-11-03 Version 6.4.3

- Optimization of Group's function

1. Group Handover: Group creators can now hand their group over to other admins

2. Disband Group: Make a useless group? You can now get rid of it

- Fixed unexpected quitting for some models with Android 4.0 or above - Android 5.0

2017-10-25 Version 6.4.2

- Bug fix

2017-10-20 Version 6.4.1 (Halloween Special Version)

- Trick or Treat! Visit IMQoo to see what Halloween gifts we've got for you!

- Fixed undisplayed profile picture bug from version 6.4.0

2017-10-18 Version 6.4.0

- Read Manga on QooApp Too!

1. Added new "Manga" section: Bookmark, Comment, and Like all the series you want!

2. QooApp's orignal manga series "QooApp: Login Exception" updates regularly. Adventure on with all the members of QooApp Family!

3. Manga series from games such as Houkai 3rd, Crystal of Re:union, Rick G Earth, WarLocks, and Re:Monster will be available on QooApp! New worlds and stories are just a swipe away!

- Bug fix

2017-09-25 Version 6.3.1

- Note Feature Major Updates:

1. Added new comments feature, leave your support to note authors~

2. Added Privacy Settings: Set Notes for friends, groups or private for your eyes only. The power to control who gets to read your notes is in your hands!

- Bug fix

2017-08-16 Version 6.2.11

- Fixed crash issue in game detail page for certain models

- Fixed duplicate groups in Explore tab of IMQoo issue

2017-07-27 Versoion 6.2.10

- Fixed download progression bar displaying 100% but unable to enter installation interface issue

- Fixed crash issue for some models

2017-07-13 Version 6.2.9

- Fixed crash issue for some models

2017-06-20 Version 6.2.8

- Otome Portal is now ready to deliver a tailored-made otome QooApp for users.

2017-06-06 Version 6.2.7

- bug fix

2017-06-06 Version 6.2.6 

- bug fix

2017-05-06 Version 6.2.5

- Fixed crash issue for some models

- IMQoo: Bulk action for requests to join groups and friend requests 

- IMQoo: Add option to set groups as being able to accept any request without admins' approvals  

- IMQoo: Add option to blacklist somebody 

2017-03-29 Version 6.2.4

- bug fix

2017-03-26 Version 6.2.3

- Fixed crash issue for some models

- Fixed message lost issue in IMQoo

- Fixed issue of message display order in IMQoo

- Fixed blank page cases caused by message loading in IMQoo

- Enhanced on Contacts in IMQoo

- Added preview function for My Profile

- Added Hide/Display option for My Groups in My Profile

- Added notification after publishing a Note

- Added more language options while Create a Group

Version 6.2.2

- Bug fix

Version 6.2.1

- Added function of deleting, modifying NOTE

- Added last chat time in group member list

Version 6.2.0

- Added NOTE function for group

- Fixed the issue of missing message while logging in different devices

- Fixed the issue of link is not available on sticker shop

Version 6.1.1

- Fixed message missing issue

Version 6.1.0

- Support gif in Chatroom

Version 6.0.9

- Text changed 

Version 6.0.8

- Emoji shop is online now!

- Mark the game you like! 

Version 6.0.7

- Instant message function "IMQoo" has launched!! Find and chat with your game pals here!

Version 5.9.3

- Fixed the battery issue

Version 5.9.2

- Bug Fix


Version 5.9.1

- Bug Fix

Version 5.9.0

- Enhancement of Search

Version 5.8.5

- Bug fix

Version 5.8.4

- Enhancement of Performance

Version 5.8.3

- Bug fix

Version 5.8.1

- Bug fix

Version 5.8.0

- Enhancement of Login

Version 5.7.1

- Fixed some bugs, including battery consumption issue in V5.6.0

Version 5.7.0

- Add new voice clips for Elly & Gilbert!! 

- Support Android 6.0+

Version 5.6.0

- Introducing new characters Gilbert (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya) &  Elly (CV: Sumire Uesaka) !!!

Version 5.5.1 

-Fixed the issue of "app is not installed"

Version 5.5.0

- Add function to modify username and profile picture

- Add function to delete game records from My games

- bug fix

Version 5.4.0

- Add Similar Game & Games from Same Developer modules

- Add Share ratings

- Add re-download for installed games

Version 5.3.5

- Fixed black screen issue after welcome page FINALLY! 

- Fixed download/update issue

Version 5.3.3

- Fixed black screen issue after welcome page

Version 5.3.2

- Fixed black screen issue after welcome page

Version 5.3.1

- Fixed crash issue of some mobile model

- Enhance the performance of [Focus]

Version 5.3.0

- Game update reminder

- Display game by category

Support scanning QR code from web QooApp to install games

Version 5.2.1

- Merry X'mas !

Version 5.2.0

- Download management in My Games

- Related Articles of Single game

- Rate those game you uninstalled !

Version 5.1.2

- Fix the issue that game icon and screenshots cannot display

Version 5.1.1

- Support Android 6.0

- Bug fix

Version 5.1.0

- Rating function for your favorite games!

- Missed events for the special game? Go to Game Info page and click Events button!

- Support tablet now!

Version 5.0.1

- Bug fix

Version 5.0.0

QooApp Ultimate Evolution!!!  Come and Feel the charisma of Mr.Qoo!

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