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This is the Official QooApp client for Android.

Find Games, News, Comics, and Meet Fellow Otaqoos -- Traverse the limitless 2D World!
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------------Version Updates-----------
2022-06-22 Version 8.3.13
1. Added “Rating Reminder" to game info pages.
2. Added "Latest Update" to some games.
3. Feature optimization and bug fixes.

2022-06-07 Version 8.3.12
- bug fix

2022-03-04 Version 8.3.11
- bug fix

2022-03-03 Version 8.3.10
- bug fix

2022-01-24 Version 8.3.9
-Added an "Ex-Qoo-sive" games corner. Get all the "qooest" games there!

2022-01-10 Version 8.3.8
1. Summon your magic barrier. Seal off those users who offend you.
2. Show off your power and profile to others. You may find your destined one!

2021-12-24 Version 8.3.7
- bugfix

2021-12-20 Version 8.3.6
1. Added email login. Bind the mailbox to get a limited Avatar Frame!
2. Added a function to change the status of notes from "Hide" to "Public".
3. Added a function to double-click the homepage icon returns to the top.
4. Improved the presentation of the homepage and reduce errors.

2021-12-02 Version 8.3.5
★★★ Translation Service Level Up! ★★★
1. More payment plans with better prices!
2. Added invite quests! Free translation quotas for you and your friends!

2021-09-18 Version 8.3.3
Optimization of the translation service

2021-08-13 Version 8.3.2
Mr.Qoo's birthday party continues!
- Newly added Avatar Frame function! Birthday party avatar frame for all Otaqoos! Select the one you like and make yourselves "iconic"!

2021-07-22 Version 8.3.1
Anniversary update is here!
- A new "real-time translation" buff for servants Elly and Gilbert! Now you can understand your in-game waifu and husbando better!
- Brand new birthday theme for everyone!
2021-05-20 Version 8.1.11
- You now have “Guild Card” on your profile. Go check it out!
- Share function optimized

2021-04-29 Version 8.1.10
- You can mention (@) other OtaQoos in your notes!
- You can find your Gacha ticket history in the Gacha page!

2021-04-15 Version 8.1.9
- Comments can be deleted.
- You can pin the note in your homepage now!

2021-03-25 Version 8.1.8
- Optimized game downloads
- Bug fix

2020-11-30 Version 8.1.7
- Bug fix

2020-10-13 Version 8.1.6
- Bug fix

2020-9-28 Version 8.1.5
- Bug fix

2020-9-3 Version 8.1.4
- Added dark mode

2020-8-14 Version 8.1.3
- Bug fix

2020-7-10 Version 8.1.1

- Expand Game Rankings 

2020-6-30 Version 8.1.0

After undergoing series of optimizations, QooApp has finally evloved into a brand new form at 6 years old! QooApp is ready to meet otaku worldwide with a new outfit!
- New UI! Come and experience a wide variety of new functions!
- A renovated Game Library to guide you through the world of game!
- Optimized search engine. Can you discover hidden features on the search page?
- A leveled up personal profile and note function. Go unleash your inner otaku self and let the world see!

2019-12-19 Version 7.10.12
- Optimized game downloads

2019-12-12 Version 7.10.11
- Bug fix

2019-11-19 Version 7.10.10
- Bug fix

2019-11-04 Version 7.10.9
- Bug fix

2019-10-28 Version 7.10.8
- Game timeline optimized, reading notes have never been easier~

2019-10-14 Version 7.10.7
- Bug fix

2019-09-24 Version 7.10.6
- Bug fix

2019-09-23 Version 7.10.5
- Bug fix

2019-09-10 Version 7.10.4
- Bug fix
- Optimized game downloads

2019-09-03 Version 7.10.3
- Optimized Daily Gacha Ticket notice, now skippable!
- Optimized Gacha system and details

- Important Notice: To improve and guarantee the quality of our services, starting today, QooApp 6.0.0 (09/11/2016) and earlier versions will no longer be supported. Please update your QooApp to the latest version.

2019-08-23 Version 7.10.1
- Bug fix

2019-08-22 Version 7.10.0
- Added news and user search function
- Added Thai and Spanish user interface
- Fixed bugs 

2019-07-31 Version 7.9.1
- Optimized game downloads
- Bug fix

2019-07-25 Version 7.9.0
- Game Description, Comments, Notes translate feature added
- Language tag added to search, find games in the language you want!
- New button added to the game description page to jump to different versions of the game
- General optimizations

2019-07-17 Version  7.8.13
- Optimized welcome page display
- Optimized game downloads
- Bug fix

2019-07-03 Version 7.8.12
-Support French language

2019-07-02 Version 7.8.11
- Free Gacha feature launched, are you ready to try your luck?

2019-06-25 Version 7.8.8
- New “N/A” option added to Ratings for when you really can’t give a score!

2019-06-06 Version 7.8.7
- Added new Report Comment feature

2019-05-30 Version 7.8.4
- Bug fix

2019-05-29 Version 7.8.3
- Return of the Event Tab! Find and join all the latest events on QooApp with ease~
- Optimized IM
- Sign in via LINE supported 

2019-05-23 Version 7.7.3

- New: Added new option to enable/disable game update notifications

2019-05-08 Version 7.7.2
- Fixed problems with messages not being sent in IM
- Bug Fixes

2019-05-05 Version 7.7.1
- Added "Top Gamers" to the Game Store page to show the most active users!
- Added new GOOD verification to highlight the best posts
- Added Total Likes on profile page

2019-04-23 Version 7.6.20
- Optimized download & install for some games (e.g. Dragalia Lost, Degenki Bunko etc.)
- Fixed issue with corrupted files after sending .gif images on IM
- Various bug fix & optimizations

2019-04-23 Version 7.6.19
- Enhancements to Game Downloads
- Solved IM connection issues
- Optimized login page
- Fixed crashes when entering user profile page
- Fixed various crash issues in Notes and Game Cards
- Other optimizations

2019-04-11 Version 7.6.16
- bug fix

2019-04-04 Version 7.6.15
- bug fix

2019-03-27 Version 7.6.14
- bug fix

2019-03-25 Version 7.6.13
- bug fix

2019-03-15 Version 7.6.12
-Solved issues for games (e.g. MASS FOR THE DEAD) that couldn't be installed after downloads (works on certain devices)

2019-03-06 Version 7.6.11
- You can now show off your “Game Comments” on user profile
- New "Follow" button to let you keep up with professional players
- Other optimizations

2019-01-15 Version 7.6.10
- Buffs applied to Game Store, all users gain increased exp
- Bug fixes

2018-12-24 Version 7.6.9
- Merry Christmas!

2018-12-17 Version 7.6.8
- Game Download and Update optimizations
- Game Store Update! Find good games with ease
- Note now supports GIF! Leave notes with a dynamic flair
- Various minor improvements

2018-11-27 Version 7.6.7
- Minor bugs fix.

2018-11-14 Version 7.6.6
- Minor bugs fix.

2018-11-08 Version 7.6.5
-W-What? Game Timeline is Evolving! Showing off your epic summons and waifu has never looked so good!

2018-10-16 Version 7.6.3- New Note Feature: Voting now available! Got a decision to make? Start a Vote~

2018-09-21 Version 7.6.2
- Various minor optimizations

2018-09-10 Version 7.6.1
- Bug fix

2018-09-10 Version 7.6.0
[Update!] Game Store Revamp!!
- New “Timeline”: All the latest News, Cards, Posts, and Notes all in one place!
- New Video Support: Watch the latest PV before you play!
- New “Qoo Thoughts”: See if you share the same thoughts on your games with Mr. Qoo! 

2018-08-16 Version 7.5.4
- Bug fix

2018-08-13 Version 7.5.3

- New: Support direct sharing of content from websites and other apps to Notes! Enrich your account today (^-^)
- Optimize: Image Insert now available for Note Comments! Reply through the power of memes!
- Fix: General bug fix.

2018-07-20 Version 7.5.2

- Fix: Fixed issues with game downloads
- New: QooApp Tour led by Elly~ Come and explore what QooApp has to offer!
- Optimization: Launch of the new Game Card feature! Track your cards' popularity!

2018-07-10 Version 7.5.0
- Urgent Fix: Fix for parsing problem during game update. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 
- Launch of the new “Game Card” feature! Show the world your in-game achievements!

2018-07-03 Version 7.4.3

- Bug fix for downloading

2018-06-28 Version 7.4.2
- Bug fix

2018-06-22 Version 7.4.1
- Bug fix

2018-06-12 Version 7.4.0
- Main page content expanded! "Hot Comments" "Videos" & "News" introduced!
- News List enhanced! Reading has never been easier!

2018-05-09 Version 7.3.2
- Bug fix

2018-04-26 Version 7.3.1
- Bug fix

2018-04-26 Version 7.3.0
- Record your gaming victories in our new Game Note!
- You can now comment on game pages!

2018- 04-12 Version 7.2.3
- Bug fix

2018- 03-09 Version 7.2.2

- Bug fix

2018-02-14 Version 7.2.1

- Happy Lunar New Year!
Upgrade to Ver. 7.2.1 to get our Lunar New Year theme and surprises!

2018-01-19 Version 7.1.1
- Bug fix

2018-01-16 Version 7.1

- Optimization and bugs fixed

2017-12-20 Version 7.0
- Merry Christmas! QooApp gets a new outfit for the holiday season!
- New modules in homepage: What's New and Hot Today keep you updated!
- You can FOLLOW pre-registered and unreleased titles to stay up-to-date.
- Otome Portal is now better than ever
- Others
1. Comics section optimised
2. Other functions optimised and bugs fixed

Selected Note

So...while freaking out, I decided to renew my Qoo Vows!
(Is that a thing? Only the Qoo-est users have VOWS on their Front Page! Look at all those fakers, none of them are truly commited! [開心])

Here it is!


If you miss any, NO WORRIES, you can get it here!
(NSFW tag is off because of OFFICIAL LEGIT CONTENTS!)
(New experimental format, if you like this simplified informative version, click LIKE and we will be adapting this new format)
It took me 110 Gachas to get them all...1 card just took the final 55 Gachas...

Here they are:

Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.4
2904 Rating(s), 953 Comment(s)
Selected Note

So...while freaking out, I decided to renew my Qoo Vows!
(Is that a thing? Only the Qoo-est users have VOWS on their Front Page! Look at all those fakers, none of them are truly commited! [開心])

Here it is!


If you miss any, NO WORRIES, you can get it here!
(NSFW tag is off because of OFFICIAL LEGIT CONTENTS!)
(New experimental format, if you like this simplified informative version, click LIKE and we will be adapting this new format)
It took me 110 Gachas to get them all...1 card just took the final 55 Gachas...

Here they are:

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