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Sealed with a Kiss Re ~Bride of an Asmodian~ is a free dating simulation game for mobile.

"Become a bride, if you don’t want the world to be destroyed…"
Defeated by the Dark Lord himself, you are a brave Hero who captured by the Dark Lord.
As requested by the Dark Lord, you will have to marry one of the handsome Dark Princes!
Can a Heroine defeat the Dark Lord and save the world?
Are you ready to become the bride of the next Demon King?
What is your destiny?

◆Character Introduction◆
●Prideful Dark Prince : Kyle
"I will make you fall for me... I promise"

He is the third Prince, and thinks he's the only one who's got what it takes to become the next Dark Lord. He has charisma, but he can be a bit naive sometimes .

●The Hottest Dark Prince : Albert
"I have a talent for undressing. Care to try?"
The superbly regal First Prince. He treats women (and you) with the uttermost respect, but no one knows what his real intentions are.

●Lethargic Dark Prince : Shion
"If you're here to seduce me, you should've come without your clothes on"
Fourth Prince, he just can't be bothered. He has no interest in the royal affairs, but thinks it'd still be better to marry you rather than be exiled.

●The Cheerful and Wacky Dark Prince : Mardin
"Marrying a heroine, that sounds fun! Hey, will you marry me?"
A hedonist who just wants to have fun. He's intrigued by the idea of marrying a Heroine.

□Other enchanting characters
●The Pushy and Cute devil Dark Prince : Lunadir
●Composed Sadist Devil Butler : Seth
●Reliable Older-Brother Type Childhood Friend : Ash

◆How to Play & Game Features◆
・Use Story Tickets to proceed with the story!
 Receive 5 Story Tickets every day for FREE! Enjoy your love story with these Dark Princes!
・With a higher affection level, you can watch different hot scenes!
・Use avatars to increase your BF affection towards you, and if it's high enough, you will unlock special CGs and scenarios!
・The story changes according to your decisions. You can enjoy this even if it's your first visual novel!
・Enjoy limited time events and beautiful romantic episodes between you and your favorite Dark Prince!

◆Recommended if you◆
・Love fantasy otome games
・Enjoy dark fantasy
・Want to flirt with different hot Dark Princes
・Want to be teased by a Dark Prince
・Want to become a Heroine and write your own story!
・Are playing an otome game for the first time!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 3.7
20 Rating(s), 12 Comment(s)
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