Release date:Unspecified
Pre-registration Rewards:
1,000: Gold*1,000,000
5,000: Soulstone*100 , Goddess's Blessing*10
10,000:Traveling Ticket*25, Goddess's Blessing*25, Soulstone*100
20,000: Summoning Ticket*5, Soulstone*200, Goddess's Blessing*50
50,000: Guaranteed Character Summoning Ticket

​A sinister pandemic encroaches the world. As the entire nation crumbles, a group of unlikely adventurers discover it's cause. With their newfound powers, they must find a cure to save the world. However, a hidden evil force stands against them.

● The ‘Soul Link’ system adds a twist to the generic turn-based genre, with new puzzle-based gameplay.
● Characters have animated artwork, and each have a hand drawn ultimate skill sequence.
● No energy system. Play until your heart's content!
● Walk your own path in Story mode, the decisions you make in the dialog will affect the outcome of the story.
● No Character level cap. Make your favorite character the strongest and earn a place in their specific leaderboards.
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