Stella Maiden is an English RPG. 
Stella maidens who are the alter egos of stars, fight against powerful enemies Demakers that invaded the universe, but they get to be pushed out by
"Demakers" who grow up as they fight.

Deneb, who is the first Stella maiden selects you
who is the descendant of soul architect who can make Stella maidens grow,
and commands to raise Stella maiden.

Without knowing the reason, [you] have to raise Stella maidens as the master, and protect the universe from "Demakers".

[Introduction of the Game]
◆ A new beautiful girls game which got its motive from stars!
- Various Stella maidens of more than 120
-Cute, pure, nice, and strong maidens are waiting for your call!

◆Mini game + Shooting + RPG + Maiden + Simulation + Wave
-Fusion of various genres! You can get the feeling of fresh play!
-Block enemies that attack at certain time and develop your stars.
-Drive [Demakers] away with [Stella maidens] through original scenario and
rescue the universe!
-Earn resources from various mini games and make quick development!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 4.0
109 Rating(s), 45 Comment(s)
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