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Uncrowned is a RTS game developed by Nestopi.

Even real-time strategy can enjoy strategy simulation RPG?
Develop your favorite heroes, develop the strongest forces from the military and gradually develop the territory … Fully integrated RPG breeding and RTS's nervous success! This does not mean e-Sports technology, but the "easy but strenuous" style of battle that the new spindle can test!

Foothills, lakes, hills! Use battlefield, the strategic battlefield that mobile games have not touched!
The battlefield will change over time! Sometimes the "bridge" causes a great conflict between the legions! You can also start a forest attack to kill the enemy's main zone! ? The fight for irritation of the palm is here!

4 minutes to win! Just play for a short time!
The match will be won in 4 minutes! Have fun in trivial time, rest time, travel! Feel free to experience the pleasure of strategic battles with players at home and abroad!

Personalized mercenaries! Hire them and train them, striving to be the strongest master!
Master and magic make shooters too. Knights and blacksmiths and dancers …? The heroes gathered around the master have a variety of rich personalities! Encourage them with their own stories!
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