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32 Rating(s), 14 Comment(s)
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『QooApp獨家』為守護海洋而戰 《超次元大海戰》公測禮包大放送!

[This game is no longer in operation.]


☞ Other Version(s): Japanese

Guardian Project is a localized version of Chinese made 3D simulation RPG, Blue Destiny Story: Sea Saga (超次元大海戰).

Humans no longer live on The Earth's surface. Instead, they live in capsules and have Androids - dubbed the Guardian - protecting them. Peace did not last for long. Some Guardians have turned their back on humans...
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 2.7
32 Rating(s), 14 Comment(s)
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『QooApp獨家』為守護海洋而戰 《超次元大海戰》公測禮包大放送!
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