How not to summon a demon lord X Reverie is a Japanese Mobile RPG game that originates from the anime series "How not to summon a demon lord".

The game depicts the original story of the anime, as the male protaganist was summoned as a demon lord into another world, and accidentally made two girls his slaves. The game also includes orginal plot, and the in-game characters are voiced by their original CVs. Fight alongside your companions, and defeat strong bosses together!
Graphics Gameplay Value Story Sound 1.7
113 Rating(s), 74 Comment(s)
異世界魔王と召喚少女の奴隷魔術X Reverie 異世界魔王與召喚少女的奴隸魔術 X Reverie will be installed on your device. 株式会社ビジュアライズ Download APK
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