Here comes a powerful ACG mobile Mecha fighting game! An enigmatic contest has begun in a near-future mobile city. You, with other players from various factions and powers, will fight for the highest honor on a global stage. Besides shooting skills and teamwork, mastering new, marvelous weapons and magnificent vehicles will also be a new challenge!

1. [Fresh] Clash of Man and Mecha
Choose elite pilots of the highest level to operate Mecha with your team in the contest to be crowned as ACE pilots!

2. [Style] Zetta Original Japanese Style
Meet the arena in Japanese-style ACG city. Pilot Mecha through every corner of the neo-modern city and between every building. This is the Field of Dream!

3. [Shonen] Frantic Fun Firefights
Own the stage, the modern city right out of action anime! Move quickly, lock your target, aim and fire! Tumble through fires unscathed and defeat opponents in one swift motion. Strut your stuff and show off your unlimited potential!

4. [Team Up] Master Strategic Units
Engage in three-dimensional battles! Whether it’s jumping or flying aerial strikes, or melee between firefights, your skills aren’t the only thing tested but teamwork, as well!

Are you ready for the spotlight? The thrilling champion battle is about to begin...
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